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By: Rick Lim

If you are an avid collector of antique American clocks, you wouldn´t have a hard time looking for models because these are abundant.

People know the demand and popularity of this hobby and there are those who constantly maintain antique American clocks in hopes that they become collectibles in the future.

Chances are, they end up getting profits from the antique American clocks that they restore.

Take these antique American clocks for example. The Seth Thomas Empire Shelf Clock still runs even when it´s 30 years old. It really depends on the manufacturer of the clock.

It seems that clocks that were made by credible manufacturers, the antique American clocks can definitely last for a long time. The rosewood veneer case can also last for as long as the clock´s hands are still running.

The Seth Thomas Empire Shelf clock usually comes with a gong that strikes every hour. It may be an antique but for some reason, this feature can still run in Seth Thomas Empire Shelf Clock. The price range for these kinds of clocks is $750.

Then there are antique American clocks that have a French gothic design. These clocks were made in the Hershede movement and were manufactured within the US and were distributed to other countries.

The casings are mahogany with solid brass caps. Other designs have reeded columns to accommodate the finials. These particular antique American clocks also come with a gong that strikes every hour.

Other antique American clock models that are popular are the Brewsters & Ingrahams 8-day Steeple Clock.

These antique clocks with 8-day movements, hands, and dials, and original glasses since the year it has been distributed are still being circulated.

Collectors of antique American clocks are on the lookout for this particular design because these are one of the collectibles that are considered to be the first to have of value in clock collecting.

The casing of these antique American clocks may be chipped but these do not affect the value of the collectible. As long as it works well, then the collectors are willing to pay as much as $525.00 for these.

Finally, another Seth Thomas clock that is a demanded collectible is the Seth Thomas Westminster Chime Mantel clock.

In fact, this is touted to be America´s Favorite Mantel Clock. As it was manufactured and circulated in the 1930s to the 1940s, these particular designs of antique American clocks cost more than the average clocks because of its commemorative value.

The casings are usually of excellent original finishing and these add to the price of the clocks whenever they are for sale.

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