Building Self-Confidence

By: Janet Erickson

Few people truly succeed in life. The vast majority of people are withdrawn and timid - they are not able to make many friends. Boys are not able to find dates easily and young ladies fail to impress, all because of their lack of confidence. Are you able to stand a public speaker whose style does not carry conviction? Shy speakers are not able to captivate their audiences. They are unable to be compelling. In short, their lectures don't have the essential pep and feeling to be stimulating and wind up falling flat.

A lack of self-assurance is what keeps most people from being assertive, successful and finally happy in life. However, if you can know that you do not have the confidence you require, you can work on building it up and making your dreams of success a reality.

How to we define Self-Confidence
If you are able to pick out the characteristics of an individual who is filled with self-confidence, this will aid you succeed in building up your confidence. How do you recognize that a person is confident? It is simple, really. If you are balanced and confident, you appear self-assertive, your body language conveys your self-confidence, you hold your head high, you speak with self-assurance but not with arrogance, your mental attitude is optimistic, you go after your goals with determination - well-prepared to overcome all obstacles because you don't avoid taking measured risks when ever required. And whenever you make mistakes, you readily own up to them. Your plans are set with reason, keeping in mind a honest appraisal of your assets, your weaknesses and your skills and talents.

Building Self-Confidence
While attempting to build confidence, you may have a few questions to ask yourself. Is it possible to establish self-assurance? If by nature you are not initially brimming with confidence, you may think you stay that way forever. Not inevitably. You are able to actually take reasonable but reachable goals in order to build good confidence. However, self-confidence and success are interdependent. Normally, you cannot achieve your goals without self-confidence playing a role inbeing part ofyour efforts and without success you can't have self-assurance.

If that is the case, how do you build confidence? Good question . Start by setting yourself a small enough goal that you can achieve it without too much difficulty. Then accomplish it and watch your self-assurance grow. Repeat the steps, everytime making the goal a little harder than before and gradually build your confidence step by step.

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