Brunch Sales, Movie Nights and Other Workplace Fundraising Activities

By: Ausburn Manne

There are very few better places at which to conduct a charity fundraising drive than in the office; okay, so a packed TV studio might be one, but in essence there aren't many places that provide the kind of opportunities that the workplace does to raise plenty of cash for a very worthy cause. In most organisations across the country there is no shortage of people willing to, if not set-up their own fundraising event, at least donate some money.

Before arranging any workplace fundraising event employees should seek the permission of their employer. However, they're highly unlikely to say no to such an event, providing it won't cause too much disruption - you'd have to be pretty mean-spirited to say no to a workplace fundraising event!

Finding a solid idea for a workplace fundraising drive can sometimes prove to be quite tricky. The activity needs to have an element of practicality. For some businesses a fancy dress-related workplace fundraising activity might not be the best option. As funny (and surreal) as it might be, turning up to a client meeting dressed as, for example, Batman isn't likely to go down all that well in such a professional environment.

For some workplaces, though, such as retailers, a fancy dress-based workplace fundraising option is likely to be far more viable. That type of workplace fundraising activity usually goes down really well customers and visitors - encouraging them to get into the generous spirit of things.

Office-based businesses looking to cause as little disruption to the day as possible, might want to look towards more charity sale-based workplace fundraising activities. In addition to the traditional, and much-loved, bake sale, a brunch or breakfast sale could also be organised quite easily.

For those not familiar with the workplace breakfast sale, it involves employees purchasing a whole host of breakfast items - i.e. bread, sausages, bacon, tomatoes etc. - and cooking up various mouth-watering breakfast dishes for their hungry colleagues to buy. All of the money, of course, as with the majority of workplace fundraising activities, goes to a good cause.

To make it a little more competitive you could pit teams against each other, with the team responsible for raising the most money from their breakfast orders receiving some kind of prize at the end of it - i.e. a free meal in the pub after work.

Companies with access to a free and considerably-sized conference room could organise a movie afternoon and evening, to take place out of work hours - unless you have a really generous boss!

As part of this workplace fundraising activity you could pick a movie and charge your colleagues to sit and watch. You could additionally chuck some goodies into the mix - i.e. chocolate, popcorn, sweets, ice cream etc. - to encourage people to donate more of their cash to a fantastic cause.

Just a few of the more uncommon workplace fundraising ideas, the traditional options can always be relied on. For example, raffles, collection buckets and charity auctions usually prove to be a success in organisations - both large and small.

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Workplace fundraising activities can take many different forms - ranging from the simple charity office auction to a workplace movie night. This article looks at some of the best activities, which could be organised to raise money for charity in the workplace.

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