Brochures Can Get Your Bed & Breakfast More Business

By: Patti Rob

If you own a bed & breakfast, you should consider using a brochure to generate more business. The number of people traveling this year will be slimmer due to increased gas and food prices. Therefore you need to be more aggressive so you can hook those who are traveling. A brochure can capture their attention and help them decide it is the perfect place for them to stay.

There are certainly many ways you can go about doing so all on your own. If you have a computer and some basic skills it won't be any problem. Most software programs walk you through each step. They offer easy to follow templates so you can change things around until you are absolutely sure that is how you want the layout to be.

If you want to have a professional do it, you may find it is more cost effective to work with a freelancer. You can find one locally or online and they can do a terrific job for you. Regardless of who you use, make sure all of the details of the project are in writing. This should include what will take place, how many brochures they will provide, the deadline for completing the work, and how much you will pay them.

If someone else is creating it for you, communicate freely with them. They should have a good indication of what you are looking for before they work on it. Then they can show you a couple of prospective ideas for you to choose from. Don't settle for anything less than what you really want. Remember that such a brochure will give the reader an impression of your bed & breakfast. You want to make sure it is a positive image that they have.

Every single detail of the brochure needs to be carefully looked at before they are printed up. You don't want to later discover a word is spelled wrong, a sentence isn't structured right, or that the phone number is incorrect. Taking your time to really view everything on it is to your advantage. You may want to get some objective individuals to help you as they will notice things you may have overlooked.

You can be very creative with a brochure for this type of business. You can even ask some of your guests to be in pictures for it. Adding some great testimonials from happy guests can be helpful as well. If you want to be able to track how effective your brochures are, offer a discount with it and a promotional code that has to be used.

Be creative about where you can find display your brochures for the business as well. Try do to so where people commonly travel in your area. Restaurants and convenience stores are a great place to ask about doing so. If you see large displays of brochures then definitely ask if yours can be placed among them.

A brochure is a very inexpensive yet effective tool you can use to market your bed & breakfast. The more you work to get exposure the more guests you will have staying with you. Empty rooms mean less profits so do all you can to get people to see what you have available.

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