Brief history of Venetian masks from 1200 to 1700

By: Italian Styles

When we went to Venice one is struck by the charm of this unique city, the time seems to stand still
at 700, in which century Venice became the most beloved cities in Europe. Often, noblemen or
coming every city of the continent, loved to travel especially in Venice during Carnival to be caught
by the city suspended between sky and sea.

In 1700 the Carnival of Venice became famous in Europe. Everywhere in the city during the
celebration of Carnival, the Venetians loved to wear masks to conceal their true identities to be free
to surrender to the most intimate desires. The nobility of Europe were attracted to this unique
Venetian atmosphere invading thousands of fields and the streets of Venice.

Towards the end of 1700 the production of masks craft reached its climax, so that there were 12
workshops for the creation of the famous and beautiful Venetian masks.

The Bauta is undoubtedly typical of the mask of Venice 700. Apparent very simple color strictly
black or white, were worn by Venetians normally even if there were specific limitations established
by law. The peculiarity of this mask is typical of Venice which was used to drink and eat without
having to remove and that thanks to its slightly possible to alter the voice making it more difficult to
recognize the person that was wearing.

Historic Venetian mask is the "Doctor of the Plague" it was actually used by doctors Venetians
during epidemics that periodically afflicting Venice as shield by the plague bacteria.
Inside the long nose of the mask was placed a kind of filter consists of salts and disinfectants herbs:
rosemary, garlic, juniper. This protective mask was designed by a French doctor Charles de Lormar
in 1500. The use of masks in Venice was a choice to feel more free to give vent to the most secret fantasy, a sort of liberation of the instincts at certain times of the year. For example, gamblers solevano not go masked to be recognized by creditors, the women to increase their mystery surrounding the figure or to enhance the charm. For this reason, the Government of the Serenissima for ever I try to limit the use of this practice of transgression. In our catalog you will find Venetian Masks made of paper pesta and decorated by hand.

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