Breaking Down The Right Kind of Questions?

By: sanjeev

For those getting booklet printing done, one issue you have to consider is how well youíre going to be able to hold a personís attention. No matter how interesting you think the material is, you still have to write in a way that keeps them interested, and gets them thinking about what you have to say.

Using effective questions is a great way of getting people engaged in your writing and keeping them interested, but only if you know the right kind of question to ask. Hereís a break down of the more common types of questions you can use.

Open questions are going to be very broad with a variety of answers. The purpose of a question like this is merely to get them thinking about whatever your topic happens to be, but not to direct them towards any one answer. All you want is for them to be open to what you have to say, and interested in learning more.

Closed questions have a set answer. These might be yes or no question or they might reference some specific aspect of a personís life. These are good for focusing down your topic into a single area. Closed questions can also be good for ending your point by directing what youíve just been talking about to the personís life.

Leading questions can be similar to either open or closed questions, but the purpose of them is to specifically lead people to a single answer. These work well at the beginning of your print booklet because you can get a person thinking about what theyíre about to start reading about. I would say that these are some of the most used questions that I see in booklets, and are used heavily in other types of advertising as well because of the ability you have to get people to think about exactly what you want them to.

Finally there are rhetorical questions. Unlike any of the other questions listed they arenít really about generating any kind of specific answer, but instead to get a person thinking about an idea. These are used in a variety of different formats, and can be good for both opening or ending your booklet depending on how you choose to employ them. Because they donít really have an answer they can create a specific mood that you want to set and you donít have to worry about people coming up with an answer to them that you werenít expecting.

As I mentioned, any kind of advertising can benefit from strong questions, but given the length of booklet printing, youíll want to be certain to make good use out of them when writing your booklets. Keeping people into and interested in what youíre writing can be difficult the longer your work is, and anything that helps pull a person into your booklet should be used effectively.

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