Brain Power - Stimulate Your Lover

By: Gregory Frost

You need to practice some sort of visualisation technique, and this is really looking into your mental state. What you have to do is to project an image of yourself onto your quarry, and this may not be representative of you as a person or the real you. This can really be something that they can find out on their own when they get to know you. The whole secret of the attraction game is that you need to snare your victim. The Venus flytrap is a perfect example of this, and this is not really meaning that you are going to eat up and devour your quarry, but you need to attract their attention first.
This means that you need to be the bold and colourful person that can attract their attention and avert their eyes from whatever they were doing and look at you. This is the objective that you need to fix firmly in your mind. This is the affirmation that you need to tell yourself on a daily basis and this is where the technique of mental projection comes in. You need to be able to project the ultimate sensual machine to the quarry that you are targeting and at the same time, you also need to subtly let them know, in some small way, that you have them firmly in your sights.
The first thing you need to do is to raise your confidence to astronomical heights, and what you need to do is to tell yourself that you are this irresistible creature ever to walk this earth. This is the mental state that you must be prepared with when you enter the arena. You need to dress to reflect this, mentally dressing yourself at the same time. You need to practice being bold, sensual, confident and sexy at the same time, and you need to rethink this image in your mind over and over again. What you want to achieve in the end of the day is you projecting this personality to the quarry that you are targeting. They must sense you before they see you. In all respects, confidence, charisma, sensuality and the ability to move all come together as a visceral and visual experience that people can pick up on. This is the mystery of the mind, and the mystery of lust and love.
Human beings eat with their eyes first and this is what you need to take care of when you are using advanced seduction techniques for yourself. Your mind is the most powerful stimulant and it can change your entire persona and you can project this change to your quarry as well. But of course, this comes with a little practice and it takes time for you to be able to master this well. When you do, you would be surprised with the whole concept of the mental seduction game and you will find that the tables have turned. You are not chasing them anymore, but they are chasing you.

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