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Many companies have chosen to incorporate Gift Baskets into their reward schemes. They fit the bill whether it is to an up and coming salesperson or the newly appointed Managing Director. Even new born babies have baskets dedicated to them and it is possibly the easiest route to take when considering sending a gift.
Who wouldn’t like to receive a basket full of candies or even a gourmet style basket to commemorate that special occasion or holiday? The choice of contents is almost endless and will fit most budgets whether personal or corporate.
Executive style baskets are plenty. These contain some stunning wines and delicacies and make a great impression on the receiver. Filled with caviar, cheeses and exotic nuts as well as champagne or wines, they are really meant to impress. Some come with an exquisite choice of wines like Dom Perignon or the up-market Napa Valley wines and these, along with all the other goodies, make these superb baskets to reward someone.
Of course you are not restricted to baskets when it comes to sending someone a surprise gift. How about a wooden, executive style chest filled with exotic teas from around the world? Coffee and other goodies are included too and the choice is impeccable. Chocolate chip cookies, liqueur cakes, sweets and candies, biscuits and other sweet things come with these stylish boxes and give the recipient a taste of foreign delicacies that they may not have experienced before. A much welcomed gift naturally and it will be talked about for a long time.
Babies have their own baskets dedicated to them with toy bears, layettes and some goodies for the adults too! Even a time capsule can be included so that you can save keepsakes from the baby’s first years to show them (or embarrass them!) when they are older. This kind of gift basket is much appreciated and makes the arrival of a new baby really special. Try to find out whether it is a boy or girl that is expected and choose the basket that is appropriate. Some baskets cater for twins too so you should have no problem with this gift.
If it is something extra special that you are looking for, why not try out a gourmet basket complete with champagne? These baskets are usually filled with items like smoked salmon, fine cheeses and caviar plus some other sweet goodies like truffles. For a few dollars more you can personalize this kind of gift with a personalized, silver-plated hanging tag for the wine bottles. This, naturally, is a great keepsake and will remind the recipient of your great thoughtfulness and kindness.
Baskets filled with wine only are a great way to say congratulations or the like or to mark a special occasion. Usually filled with a superb choice they have something to tempt even the fussiest of palates and will impress greatly.
For the young at heart or children, candy baskets are ideal. These are packed full of different assortments of candy and are great for the chocoholics out there! They are usually very reasonably priced and come in several sizes so you don’t overdo the sugar rush. Cookie baskets are a great idea too and are good for office gifts or gifts to employees. Birthday cookie baskets are a great treat for anyone no matter what age, and for children why not send a basket full of dinosaur shaped biscuits. Fun and delicious too!
These gift baskets don’t have to be filled with edibles or wine. You can get spa baskets filled with all kinds of lotions and potions and are great for the health conscious. It gives them a chance to lay back and pamper themselves which they might not ordinarily have time for. These are usually filled with bath goods; bubble bath, perfumed soaps and body lotions etc., as well as a gift like a night shirt to lounge in after bath time. Given the basket, they will usually make the time to take care of themselves and appreciate the thought that went into choosing this gift.
For those people looking for something entirely different from the pre-packed basket gifts, why not try and make up your own. All you need is a basket, easily available, and a little imagination. Fill the basket with some things to eat, something to pamper the recipient, something to drink – alcoholic or non alcoholic – and perhaps a soft toy or bath toy to finish off. Wrap the basket in some cellophane and add a big ribbon bow and there you have it. You will have to arrange delivery but this basket is truly unique and you can add anything you like – including a piece of jewelry or some other trinket perhaps.
You may think that baskets are not for men but you would be completely wrong. You can get wine baskets or even fill a basket with sports accoutrements – golf balls and paraphernalia for example - along with some edible treats to brighten up his day. Ladies tend to like the spa type baskets since they usually have little time to pamper themselves. Children are possible the easiest to cater for. A few toys, some edible treats like candies or cookies, and maybe a t-shirt or two, maybe some electronic gadgetry, and there you have the perfect and unusual and varied gift that they will enjoy.
For thanksgiving or Halloween there are many and varied baskets on offer. Whole cooked turkeys or hams, wine and sweet stuff, are perhaps the usual choice and will be a welcome addition to the festivities. Who doesn’t need extra food and sweet stuff in the holiday season?
Gift baskets are a very welcome surprise for any occasion. They usually contain items that you would not ordinarily choose for yourself and it is a great way to say ‘thank you’, ‘well done’ or ‘congratulations’ or any message you wish to convey. Even holidays can be commemorated by sending a special basket and can be used as personal or for corporate gifts.

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gifts to employees. Birthday cookie baskets are a great treat for anyone no matter what age, and for children why not send a basket full of dinosaur shaped biscuits. Fun and delicious too!

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