Books on Backgammon to Improve Your Play

By: James Bennett

There are various ways to learn how to play backgammon and pick up tips on how to improve your game. Books discuss the rules, elements and strategies, and they offer a lot of valuable advice and experience to beginners and professionals. Just like chess and checkers, there is are opening, middle, and end games. Learning about new strategies and tactics by reading up on the subject offers a more intense knowledge that can help in an attempt to be a top player.

One well-known author is Bill Robertie, who's also renowned for his expertise in chess, and poker. A world-class player, he has won numerous competitions, including the Istanbul World Cup and the Monte Carlo World Backgammon Championship, more than once. With at least 10 top-selling books under his belt, he's the expert. Look out for 'Modern Backgammon', 'Advanced Backgammon V1', 'Backgammon for Winners', and '501 Essential Backgammon Problems', as these are some of the most popular.

'Backgammon for Winners' is perfect for anyone who has had no, or little, previous experience, as it explains the basic rules. You learn where the players go, how each piece moves, and all about the doubling cube. Three games are played out with explanations given for each move, and it covers the fundamentals of strategic and positional play.

For intermediate players, '501 Essential Backgammon Problems' goes into detail about each specific area of the game, including races, crunched positions, doubling and bearoffs. You can buy a simple backgammon set UK at very reasonable prices online.

Walter Trice's 'Backgammon Boot Camp' provides complete information on the game, starting by revealing the basic aspects of the board game such as primes, blitz, anchors and opening roll. The author shares his understanding on some advance backgammon topics like a game plan, and diversification and duplication.

'Winning with the Doubling Cube' by Peter Bell enlightens us on the doubling strategy of the masters. He illustrates how to assess positions, when to double and when not to, when to take or drop, and how to alter your cube stratagem to benefit from a rival's weak moves. A magnetic backgammon set is perfect for anyone who has to travel a lot and wants to find some amusement whilst waiting around for flights or trains.

Kit Woolsey has written several books, both for the intermediate and advanced level player. 'Understanding Backgammon' is a joint venture with co-writer Tami Jones, looking at classic problems for players. As Tami illustrates the positions, Kit points out the main elements of the arrangement and demonstrates the most effective way to respond.

'How to Play Tournament Backgammon' contains everything you should know to be a good enough to enter competitions. For intermediate or advanced players it gives some practical examples, it also contains a match equity chart and Janowski's Formula, and a great deal more.

Paul Magriel's 'Backgammon' was first published in '76, but is still claimed to be the bible of the game, even though it contains some slight mistakes as there was no software to check moves at the time it was written. It's a great little book for players of every caliber, add a Dal Negro backgammon set and this would be a great gift for introducing someone new to the game.

Reading about the subject is all very well, but unless you play real games with actual people, whether it's online, in a club or other location, you can't put what you learn into practice. It is a game that's easy enough to learn but takes skill and practice to master, and there's no better way to pick it up than to play.

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