Bookkeeping Outsourcing is the Way to Double Your Profits with Quality Assurance

By: Alvis Brazma

During this time of global recessions, where all the firms show negative profits and layoffs are the norm of the day. The key to survive in this time is bookkeeping outsourcing. For any business maintaining clear and just accounts is mandatory as the profits and the tax payable is calculated from it. The GAAP (globally accepted accounting principles) are not only confusing but also highly difficult for the layman to understand. The need for a professional becomes inevitability.

The funds needed to maintain a bookkeeping department is quite high and the expenses for the maintenance of employees like pension and medical insurance with respect to the law and order becomes so high that it would eat up the profits of the business. This applies not only to the smalls firms but also to the larges ones. As easy as book keeping sounds it is not quite, as the number of entries increase and recording it on the daily basis becomes complicated. One mistake could create disaster. Since bookkeeping is monotonous and a tedious task the work force often quits after sometime and the need to recruit again and train new employees mounts.

A simple solution to all these problems is in the bookkeeping outsourcing. Bookkeeping outsourcing is the new trend in the accounting world of the west. As it have so many benefits with negligible disadvantages.

Benefits of bookkeeping outsourcing: -
Cuts down on the cost of keeping a trained staff on payroll. With the task being monotonous the requirement to keep recruiting and training new staff and be easily avoided.
The payment on medical insurance and other employee benefits gets reduced as the other countries where outsourcing is done does not have any such laws.
The salary to be paid to the employees for outsourcing gets reduced.
The headache of checking thoroughly the work of the employees get reduced and the outsourcer is responsible for the quality of work given, lack of which would enable you to fine the outsourcers
They also assist in giving advice to the business and the bookkeeping department
The professionals here are cheaper to hire there and the quality would be the same.
The tax benefits for the firm are also great

The outsourcing is generally done by the developing countries as their labor is aplenty and of professional quality with cheap pay rolls. The only disadvantage is that the distance of the outsourcing firm is great so there would be some added expenses towards communication and data sending but with the latest technological innovations this gets resolved soon and its not a big issue. The communication with the outsourcer and their technical assistance would be a stepping stone towards outsourcing but the expenses would be only of one time basis and easily recoverable later.

A lot of businesses have succeeded with bookkeeping outsourcing and a lot of them are in the process of considering that option. The business however must do a little research and then start outsourcing first at a lower level then a higher.

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