Bookcases That Add Much More Than Style To Your Books

By: Brooke Hayles

How often we voracious readers dream of a room that is dedicated as personal library cum reading room in our houses? Neat bookcases spanning the entire side wall, a comfortable chair with an elegant lamp stand and a seductive fire by the side... However, it often does not become reality. Reality often forces us to display our "We are moving." banners.

Sometimes it is due to valid reasons and other times with excuses - sometimes it is our difficult landlord and other times it is our smoking friend. Whatever be the case, we are on the move, either forced to move or seeking a change. This undeniable aspect of our life leaves our precious books with no choice but to accompany us on our journey in cardboard boxes.

At times our heart shrinks as we run our fingers over the sides of our favorite books, looking at the way they are piled up in the corner of the room on a dusty chair. All this will probably come to an end if we find a permanent residence to settle down and we can have our books on neat shelves attractively displayed as visualized.

Once you find your permanent residence, the problem changes its shape. Prior to settling in your permanent residence, the problem was a lack of proper storage furniture, now the problem will be the choice of furniture.


There are different types of bookcases in various sizes, shapes and materials. There are barrister types, clock tower types, built-ins, with glass doors, without doors, rosewood bookcases, shiny metal bookcases and the list simply goes on. You interior design will often help you decide on the choice of furniture.

Mission Style

Mission style bookcases seem to be the most common and most popular type. They reflect the architecture of 17th century Spanish missions. Mission style designs are mostly functional. These designs for bookcases emerged out of the need for huge storing places for books in libraries and universities. Almost the entire academic world adopted this style. And this did not stop with the academic world and libraries. They started finding their place in the homes of the upper class.

Popularity of Mission Style Furniture

Gregorian breakfront and upper stage glazed models surpassed the other popular designs in the market. One of the main reasons for this popularity is the simplicity and the practical design aspects of the Mission Style furniture. Mission style bookcases have reached further to be present in many homes.

Some craftsmen of the Mission style who helped this furniture gain popularity include Frank Llyod Wright, William Morris and Gustav Stickley. They were part of the Arts and Crafts movement of 1920's. They came up with highly creative designs that can be found even today in the market.

The increasing popularity of Mission style furniture is that they gel with all interiors, both classic and modern. In case history has to repeat itself, forcing you to move to a new home with a different interior, you will not have much of a problem with this piece of furniture. It will just blend with the new interior.


Books are always precious and have much to contribute to our lives. They have to be protected in proper bookcases so that the wealth of knowledge accumulated in them is carefully transferred from one generation to the next. These bookcases not only protect our books but they also add to the decor of the room bringing a touch of orderliness.

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