Bonding: a great method of teeth whitening

By: Gen Wright

We are fast moving towards a period where overindulgence is becoming the call of the day. We often do not realize the impact till it is too late and then we jump on the recovery missions like lost souls who just need to be salvaged. Take the case of yellowing teeth. Apart from the unlucky ones who have a genetic burden of yellowed teeth, there are tons of people who self-impose it. They overindulge for years and slowly form extrinsic and intrinsic stains. The extrinsic ones also referred to as surface stains, go away with some effort. The intrinsic ones become very stubborn stains and they need to be eliminated through professional teeth whitening techniques.

Bonding is a new wave teeth whitening method. It applies the concept of composite resins or veneers to hide the stained teeth. This provides a uniform appearance to teeth which are largely in poor standards. Nowadays porcelain is most often used as the material for bonding as its color closes upon the natural teeth color. Bonding can be of two types; composite bonding and veneer bonding.

Composite bonding- For this teeth whitening method, the front of the teeth is minimized in structure to abstain from a bulky new tooth. Mild acids are next used to create microscopic grooves into the surface of the teeth. Then, a composite resin is placed over the tooth. This should be the same color of the proximal teeth. This resin is lastly put into a neat shape, utilizing a precision light, and smoothened for lasting effect.

Veneer bonding- Porcelain veneers are more expensive than the composite ones and thus they come out a lot stronger than the composite ones. They are very effective for teeth whitening. For this method of bonding, the dentist implements an impression of the tooth and sends it to the dental lab for implies preparation of tooth by making the tooth surface rough. This is done through a mild etching solution. Dental bonding cement begins the bonding of the veneer to the dental surface. Though the porcelain veneers are incredibly higher priced, they are far durable than composite bonding and negotiate the original tooth color with greater accuracy. This is exactly why people love this teeth whitening measure.

We must understand that the intrinsic stains are formed over the teeth through years of indulgence. We hardly bother about the delinquency element in our lives. Either we get get hooked on nicotine or tobacco or else we more than moderately align to caffeine in coffee intake. All this results in active discoloration and staining. It's possible that we realize it too late.

Teeth whitening toothpastes also solve the issue at moderate levels. Apart from bonding there are alternative methods which are used by a person. It largely depends on the degree of damage inflicted on the tooth. Teeth whitening techniques can be adopted at home and it can also be undergone at a dentist’s office. Both the methods use carbamide peroxide gel and a mouth fitting tray for their execution.

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