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By: Dave Schlueter

If you itch for top rankings for your content and websites you'll have to be paying very close attention to the anchor text you deploy.

Anchor text is a urgently important portion of your SEO tactics, and is urgently important for you to distinguish how to get the most bangs for your buck. If you are doing a lot of blog marketing and article marketing (and you should be) you want to get the most out of all your meticulously crafted energy right?

Well if you are not taking advantage of anchor text you are missing out on a titanic piece of the picture.

So what's anchor text:

Anchor text is the word text you put to use when you set up a link to a website. I'm not talking about the straight URL here, though that can be used also and is considered a type. What I am talking about is a text link. It is particular text that you have reformed into a link. Another accepted word for anchor text is what is called a "hyperlink." It's little more than a word or phrase that links to some other website.

Search engines look at these anchor text links that point to your site from other places on the web to determine what that text is about and then rank your content as it relates to that term. Anything at all you use as anchor text linking back to your site or content is what you are telling Google your content is about. Googleinvestigates these links then checks your content to spot if it is relevant and then begins ranking you for it.

So it goes very nearly without mentioning that if you want to rank higher for a specific keyword, then use it in your anchor text back-linking grand design. Just be sure not to go overboard with it and rally the suspicions of the search engines. Search engines want all that to be a level playing field for everyone and they hate SEO manipulations, so don't get caught with your hands in the cookie jar so to speak.

The relevancy of the anchor text to your content on your page and on the page the link came from are also high-level mitigating factors as well. To learn more about relevancy and the principles that drive traffic and search engine rankings on the internet opt in for The 8 Day MLM Traffic and Business Video Series on my blog.

There are four principle types or classes of anchor text and each provides your content a different level of advantage and each needs to be taken into account in preparing your anchor text scheme.

Here are the four Anchor Text types and their relative Value:

? "Exact Match" Text Anchor (Gold)
? "Broad Match" Anchor Text (Silver)
? "Commonly Match" Anchor Text (Bronze)
? "URL Anchor Text" (Runner up)

Exact Key Word Anchor Text links use the identical keywords you want to rank for in the search engines for that specific content. If you want to rank for a specific term then use that text as your link to the specific content. It's sort of simple really.

Broad Match Anchor Text is relevant anchor tex,t but it is not as right on as the number one term you want to rank for. For example: If you wanted to rank for MLM Tips and that would be your "Exact Match" term, then what other terms are alike that get the same type traffic that you would benefit from as well? Terms like MLM help, MLM advice, Network Marketing advice, etc. This is the chief constituent of a broad match term.

Common used anchor text terms like "click here", "here", "website" etc. They are not fabulous terms and they won't get you all teared up about ranking for these terms but they do have their place never the less in keeping your link strategy natural looking rather than spiked with SEO juice.

This is critical to consider. You don't want to grab undue attention from the search engines by overpowering your link blueprint with queer SEO manipulated fingerprints that only end up making trouble for you.

The last anchor text type is the plain old URL anchor text type. Which is little more than a URL link to your website i.e., no anchor text.

So Why Does all This Matter So Much:

Because in this competitive inustry there isn't a way to rank really well for any highly competitive keywords without heavy link superstructures involved.

Of course there are ways to over-rev this engine and get you quicker more powerful rankings by ignoring the redline on the primary keyword tach, but it comes with a price. Anchor text makes the biggest footprint for Google to dicover and penalize you for if you are not smart about things.

It is obligatory that you use a full variety of anchor text types in a natural looking ratio for Google to pass over your site without you eventually getting spanked.

My credible expert mentors suggest the following ratio for long-term search engine positions and rank:

?50% Primary Keyword Anchor Text (new changes may suggest 30%)
?30% Relevant Keywords Anchor Text
?10% Generic (click here, website etc.) Keywords
?10% URL No Anchor Text

This shouldgive you enough exact keyword anchor text gas to get you the rankings you have eyes for without blowing your search engine strategy to pieces.

You'll want to learn more about the ten commandments that drive traffic and search engine ranking and popularity on the internet, how to harness these principles and exercise a system to take your marketing and enterprise to the top. Go ahead and join me for 8 days as we delve into The MLM Traffic and Business Building Free Seminar.

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