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One picks up the morning paper and he finds that so many terrible things are happening in different parts of the world. There is enormous confusion, violence, brutalities, the wars, terrorism and endless division caused by organized religions and nations that are driven by their own interest. There are divisions within the same religious groups due to differences in beliefs, ideas, and values. There are divisions within the countries due to power struggle between political parties.

We do get upset by what is happening in the world but vast majority of people shut out the impact by disowning responsibility for the sordid state of affairs, assigning it to the leaders in various fields or to the care of the Almighty. There are, however, serious people who continue to be disturbed by the events in varying degrees but do not find an adequate response to this ugly human situation.

The way things are at present it appears almost impossible that a drastic revolution can take place. This feeling, however, is based on our past experience. We have seen that human beings have not changed during the past thousands of years in spite of so much misery and sorrow arising out of conflicts between religions and nations. We, however, do not realize that this feeling itself prevents us from looking at the problem with a fresh and open mind. Past experience is based on past thinking. If our thinking is the root cause of the problem we cannot rely on past experience to guide our actions. We need to directly look at the thought process that creates the problem.

It is true that there are sharp differences between one person and another and these differences appear to be irreconcilable but we need to see clearly that deeply, inwardly, psychologically human beings are the same. The factors that are common to humanity are very crucial and cannot be ignored. We all face the same life of sorrow, pain, grief, anxiety and uncertainty. We all suffer loneliness, conflict and confusion. Thinking creates problems for human beings the same way. The process, the modus operandi and the mechanism are the same.

People may have different ideas and they may have different opinions but the reason why they believe in something or the other or the reason why they form opinions, prejudices etc are the same. The process of identification and attachment to a particular group or nation is the same. When a person realizes the fact that we are all fundamentally the same his approach to the whole problem drastically changes. He is no longer caught up in superficial differences.

Question has been asked, how is it possible for people to deny their cultural identities? It is not a question of accepting or denying personal cultural identities. We need to ask why human beings have divided themselves into so many different cultural, religious and national identities and what are the implications of this whole divisive process? The fact is that these identities have been imposed on the human mind and we stick to these identities due to psychological reasons.

Faith and belief provide some kind of a false sense of psychological security. If I defend myself physically, that is natural, but when the psychological entity the “me” tries to protect itself psychologically through the process of identification, it creates all kinds of problems for the individual and the society. The feeling that I am separate from you is the beginning of deception, the beginning of illusion. This illusion is the cause of human ignorance.

When we look at the human history and also at what is happening now the problem of attachment to labels appears to be quite formidable and one asks how does it matter if individuals here and there drop the labels? There is a feeling of helplessness because one thinks that an individual cannot do anything to change in the world? This, however, is not true. Human beings share the same consciousness. This consciousness is the result of our relationship with each other. Individual and society are inextricably linked with each other and are constantly feeding each other. Any change in the mind of an individual is bound to affect the human consciousness. The idea that “I will change only when others change” is negligent postponement of an urgent needed action. The real challenge of change does not lie somewhere outside; it lies in accepting the responsibility for the mess that our own thinking has created.

Realizing the fact that all human beings are in the same predicament and that we share the same consciousness we must set aside our own particular ideas, beliefs, opinions and prejudices, likes and dislikes and also our desire for self-improvement, self-enhancement and self-fulfillment, because these also distort perception. Only then can we go deeper into the nature and structure of thought which is creating problems for all human beings the same way. Only profound understanding can bring about inward revolution.

When one realizes the significance of clarity one naturally shares with others thus enlarging the circle of individuals who are keen to respond in full measure to the whole human situation. An individual who has insight becomes part of the blazing movement of understanding. Please visit for more discussion on this topic.

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