Birthday Thoughts - fifty nine - And Counting!

By: Denise Biance

I aroused from sleep on my 59th birthday giving thanks for nevertheless another day of life. I had never felt better or a lot of alive. I no longer take my days as a right ever since I learnt that appreciating everything and each person sent to accompany me on my journey was a terribly satisfying manner to live. Even a lot of magical, the a lot of I give thanks the more I seem to possess to be grateful for.
I had a brief historical flashback of all the many points in my journey which had brought me to being fifty nine, particularly all the achievements and pioneering activities I had done. I marveled at it all. I try to not dwell on past negativities as a result of they are doing not resolve anything, neither do they help my future because they're already gone and I am still here; still in a position to vary my actions if I would like, to succeed in for the skies and beyond. I thought of all the girls like me, in their fifties or forties, who hate being older, who refuse to mention their age when asked, who physically dread the aging method, who spend their days not being grateful forever, however cursing their age, watching their wrinkles, and counting them grudgingly, getting even a lot of lines as they watch; girls who dread to see their face and bodies in the mirror.
My heart went out to them because a while ago I used to be like that. Then I gradually learnt that dead people do not age! If I am aging, I must be ALIVE, thank goodness! I needed at that moment I could share a number of the awesome self-love that I feel with them, the way I settle for my age utterly and don't even trouble to think about it. After all, I cannot wait to be 60 next year as a result of I understand I will feel and look specifically the same. And if I'm still around, you will all be in a position to guage the results of that statement for yourselves.
I must be one in all the few ladies, or perhaps even the sole one in the world who keeps trying forward to every birthday, being completely unfazed by age. I assume concerning my age solely in relation to using it as an encouragement and inspiration to others. I understand I do not care anymore about aging itself, and also the strangest issue is that I am looking better with every birthday. I have switched the main focus from getting older to how fabulous I can be as I age, and what an empowerment that's coming up to be. I posted my new birthday pics that evening and I have had therefore several appreciative comments from men since then, it has been unbelievable. One would have thought I had become a year younger!
Lost Love, Lost Years
I also considered my children. I always come back to that. My kids whom I love dearly and who have used the wedding break-up to judge me and vilify me like a criminal. My kids who have resisted my attempts at leaving the past behind, yet not saying what crime I committed. I know we have a tendency to can reconcile our differences in the end as a result of love always prevails. However that thought will nothing to reduce the continuing pain because our situation is totally avoidable, if one has no would like for scapegoats. In the meantime, the years flash by, half-dozen years and counting, during this quagmire if animosity and vindictiveness, going nowhere fast. Irrespective of the differences and the blame, forgiveness is the sole thing which will heal the wounds because nobody can ever return into the past to retrieve lost pride, lost love or lost years. They're gone forever.
In fact, a really sobering thought simply hit me as I'm writing this. We all live like we tend to have forever to try to to as we tend to would like; we have a tendency to keep procrastinating things in our life or pushing aside declaring our love until another day. However we have a tendency to really have solely THIS MOMENT in time, concerning a second long, before it becomes the past and we have it no more. Because we tend to are constantly moving forward in looks like we have a tendency to have the entire day but we tend to don't. We tend to solely ever have a small moment in that day to be utterly tuned in to ourself and what we have a tendency to wish to try to to before the past takes over. As an example, I started to sort this blog 10 minutes ago. That's the past. This line of writing is my present now however by the point I place my full stop to finish it, the entire line can become the past! I cannot go back to those couple of minutes before now. They're gone.
Therefore, with the data that these days is the start of the rest of my life, that I intend to form the BEST of my life, I am extremely visiting fancy the journey. My birthday celebrations were wonderful and now it is business as usual as I continue to fancy the gift and true blessing that's Elaine Sihera. CHEERS to a different glorious year!

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