Bike Trailers - A Different Perspective To Child Bonding

By: Lisa M Andrews

A cycling enthusiast, I used to spend many weekends riding upwind with my husband. To me, it was not just a great way to exercise, it was also an excellent chance to chill out with him after a hectic work week. As a matter of fact, it was cycling that brought us together. We got acquainted with each other through an online forum and after several cycling trips, our passion for cycling eventually turned romantic.

The situation sort of changed after I gave birth to our daughter 2 years ago. Our baby took so much of our time that we were unable to scott off on adventure trips like we used to. At first, I thought that signify the end of my love affair with cycling. Well, for the next few years at least. But the advice from a fellow cycling mate altered all that. He urged us to attach a child bike trailer to our bicycles so that our baby could tag along on our adventures!

Frankly, I was kind of worried initially since both of us love speeding on our bikes. But once we made the decision to just try it out, there was no looking back. The experience was fantastic! In fact, our girl enjoyed her maiden ride so much that she would now smile and laugh whenever we position her comfortably in the bicycle trailer!

More About Child Bike Trailers

In case you're wondering, child bike trailers are chariot-like carriages usually set up to the rear of a bicycle. such bike trailers are actually quite reliable since they use lightweight yet long lasting frames and materials. A canopy is also included so that you can keep your child away from the weather elements. Other than that, safety concerns are also taken into consideration. For instance, many bike trailers have seat belts within the carriage and build in other measures to avoid tipping. Some bike trailers are also designed for multi-purposes, acting as both strollers as well as bike trailers.

Riding With My Baby And The Bike Trailer

I've really got my child bike trailer to thank for. It not only allowed me to continue my love for cycling, it has also given me a chance to bond with my 2 year old tot. Occasionally during our trips, we would stop by for a family picnic. My little girl just loves it!

While having fun, don't forget to look into safety. Make sure the ride is comfortable and safe for the kid. In any case, always make your child wear a rider helmet and fasten his safety belt before you move off. Personally, I would also control my speed just to ensure that the ride was not too bumpy for the kid. At the end of the day, there was something I knew for sure.

If my baby loves her ride, so will I.

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Lisa Andrews is a freelance writer, young parent and an avid biker. Read her other article on Child Bike Trailers. And also, check out these Schwinn Bike Trailers or Instep Bike Trailers offers if you're interested.

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