Beyond Horseshoes and Grenades - Close Counts With Law of Attraction!

By: Robert Thomson

When learning to apply the law of attraction to the various areas of life, it's possible to lose perspective of balance and become obsessed with predictable results. Rather than embracing the cycle of manifestation like any other growth process, we sometimes try to confine law of attraction to a sort of vending machine dynamic.

Instead of being amazed and grateful for new developments in life, we may find ourselves complaining about a "partial success". This attitude will seriously dilute our creative power; so it's important to be mindful of our perspective and try to always come from a place of gratitude.

Consider this example scenario:

Matthew is learning about the law of attraction and decides to apply the concepts to leave his day job and start a home-based business venture. After careful study of a good system that lays out a clear sequential process (3 steps, 5 steps, etc.), he begins to focus his intention on the goal at hand.

Nothing seems to happen right away, but Matthew continues to visualize, believe, and trust life to bring the desired results. He spends time surfing the Internet looking for possible opportunities, and one day while at the book store he finds an interesting audio about working from home as a freelance writer.

A few weeks later while having lunch with a friend, he mentions his desire to work from home. He off-handedly makes a comment about the book he found, and within a few minutes he is offered the chance to make some extra money writing the content for his friend's forthcoming Website.

The new opportunity pays a few hundred dollars. Clearly this is not enough to allow Mathew to quit his day job, but it is a start.

A few more weeks go by and no new opportunities emerge. Matthew begins to feel frustrated and disappointed.

Let's interrupt our example scenario at this time to review a couple of possible responses.

On one hand, Mathew could angrily declare: "This stuff doesn't work! I've been doing what the law of attraction course says to do and I've only made a few hundred dollars so far."

Sadly many people would take this exact approach. And of course the result of passionately negative emotion and focused declaration will only magnetize them to more defeat, disappointment, and frustration.

On the flip side, however, Mathew could choose the following perspective:

"It's only been a couple of months and already I've nailed my first home-based writing gig. That job generated an easy few hundred bucks, so I would only need four (or 6, 8, etc.) such projects per month to get out of my current day job!"

By celebrating how close he has come to his goal and by being truly grateful for his progress, Mathew is likely to explode his magnetism and reach a whole new level of power with the law of attraction. And even if he doesn't create a miracle in the next 30 days, he will most certainly continue to bring people and events into his life that will bring him closer and closer to his ambition.

As long as he stays positive life will eventually move him into position to receive his ultimate objective. And the very same philosophy will work for you as well.

Avoid at all costs moaning and griping about the gaps between what you have created and the exact goal you wrote down, declared, or so forth. Instead, rejoice with every step forward because you know the continued momentum is absolutely taking you where you want to be.

This simple attitude adjustment will completely change the way you benefit from using the law of attraction. Start working from this angle today and enjoy greater prosperity, health, joy, and whatever else you desire.

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