Best Ways to Show Support to Spouse with Cancer

By: Paula Jimenez

Things have been completely different soon after your husband was diagnosed with cancer. He cried in disappointment. He began to have uncertainties. He became short-tempered. Sometimes, you simply wish everything will get back to the way it used to be - but it will not. Both of you need to face the fact that he has cancer. However, you can make things easier for him in a lot of techniques. Listed below are the best ways to show support to spouse with cancer:

Hold and give him an embrace every single day.

Whenever possible, hold him in his hand. This will make him feel that you care and that you are one in the battle. Give him a hug also. This will somehow unload him of his burdens. You don't need to say a word. You do not have to go about the problem about his cancer repeatedly and tell him that you and the rest of the family are with him. Sometimes, a simple action of love is enough to make him feel great.

Pay attention to him.

You know your spouse more than anyone else. You know when he would prefer to speak and when he is not. If he shows signs that he wants to speak but finds it hard to start, you can start the chat with a smile. Tell him that you are here to concentrate. Do not cut him off while he is talking. Speak only when you know it is necessary or when he is finished. Allowing your partner to say what is inside his heart and mind is your means of not only showing you are supportive of him but also of lifting his spirits.

Come with him to the hospital.

May it be visits to the doctor or remedies, it is important that you are with him all the time. Listen to what the doctor says; take down notes if needed. Watch for the phases of the treatment program, as well as his progress. Follow doctor’s guidelines, particularly with diet and medications. Update him with his situation, particularly if he is showing positive improvements.

Seek the help of both of your immediate families.

Among the best ways to show support to spouse with cancer is to advise both of your families about his circumstance. It is for you to gauge if your husband will love being in front of them as you inform them about his cancer or not. What matters most is that you can ask them to visit your place every weekend and have fun in the backyard through picnics

Do not lock him at home.

If he is not constrained by his doctor to go outdoors, do the same things that you used to do. Watch movies together, shop for clothes, buy grocery items, and attend school and community meetings. All these will make him feel that his life is still ordinary.

Above items are the best ways to show support to spouse with cancer. Bear in mind that amidst all these, you have the entire family to take care of. Always remember that you have a career. It is better if you work at home or you do not have to follow the 8am-5pm office time. In this way, you will be able to juggle your responsibilities with your husband, job and the kids.

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