Best Treatment for Stuttering That Works

By: Robert Johnson

One important thing about speech disorder to remember is that there is no "best" treatment for stuttering that's going to work for all sufferers. However we can combine different approaches of treatment that works for most of us. They can range from a mix of self-help and professional therapists to drug therapy mixed with self-help.
It may very well be a matter of trial & error, in your search for the most effective treatment approach. With that being said, make sure you know about all the available treatment options, in order to address your stuttering speech.
First, there is professional therapy provided by licensed speech therapists and pathologists, which can be effective in most cases as techniques to control primary and secondary behaviors related to stuttering are taught to patients. You will pay for these relatively expensive services although insurance can take off some of the financial burden.
For less expensive and more self-help treatment for stuttering, you can engage in breathing and speech exercises, all of which can be learned through books, instructional videos and even from individuals who successfully conquered their stammers.
What it's all about, is that you will learn to breath properly while talking, which allows your mouth to keep up with your mind. This in turn relaxes your vocal cords and will ease your nervousness. Additionally, it will help to talk slowly and clearly in order to articulate your words in a better way.
Drug therapy is another way to go. However, it's still up for further studying. As of today, any kind of drug considered as a treatment, has yet to be approved of by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
Other drugs that normally are used for depression or epilepsy has also been used as treatments for stammering. However you should not consider taking them, since it can be very difficult to get used to the adverse side effects.
So indeed, we have not yet found any single solution. The best treatment for stuttering applicable to each and every case is still being elusive. The solution to a complex disorder as stuttering, is complicated as well.

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