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By: Razvan Jr.

Handguns can simply be defined as small and compact weapons for self-defense purposes. Handguns for sale have seen a tremendous rise in the past few years. They can be held and fired from the same hand and are small as far as size is concerned. The best handgun for self defense is scientifically designed as a weapon for self-protection, which can be easily carried and used in dire situations. Choosing a self-defense gun isn’t as easy as you might have thought because you will have to answer to the following questions:
• The laws in your jurisdiction regarding firearms ownership - some of the best guns you can use for home defense are illegal in many jurisdictions;
• Whether you have children or not in your home;
• Whether or not other people in your household may have to use the gun selected;
• The "social environment" in which you live - urban, suburban, or rural? House or apartment building;
• Your level of experience with firearms in general, and the particular gun you are considering purchasing.
Along with the gun purchase, a gun holster should also be on your shopping list for the following reasons:
• It protects the gun when not in use;
• The chances of the gun getting stolen is reduced if it is kept in a holster;
• It acts as a hand gun safe;
• It protects the gun from getting damaged;
• It provides easy accessibility to the gun when needed.
The revolving pistols also known as revolvers are one of the best in the handguns category as they have multiple utility, the main features of a revolver includes safety, accuracy, strength and various types of cartridges that can be loaded in it, making it a very versatile weapon. These advantages of revolver make it an ideal choice for self-defense purposes.
One of the most popular handguns for self-defense purposes is the Smith & Wesson Model 640 Revolver. This J-frame revolver went through several iterations before the final version was brought out for purchasing purposes. It was first introduced in 1990 as a .38 Special revolver with either a 2-inch or 3-inch barrel. The 3-inch barrel was discontinued after 3 years. In 1993, a newer version was also introduced that fired 9mm Parabellum using moon clips - this was known as the S&W Model 940, and it was discontinued in 6 years later, in 1999. In 1996, the .38 Special models were changed to fire .357 Magnums and .38 Special, and the barrel was lengthened to 2.125 inches. In all of the above mentioned versions, the revolver has a stainless steel frame, cylinder, and barrel, and has a shrouded hammer and double-action-only operation.
This classic revolver is available in three hammer designs - the "Chiefs Special" with exposed hammer, the "Centennial" frame with fully enclosed hammer and the "Bodyguard" frame shrouded hammer. The price is under $600 and the gun is worth every single dollar. Here are the revolver’s specifications:
• Caliber: .357 Magnumฎ/.38 S&W Special +P
• Capacity: 5 Rounds
• Barrel Length: 2-1/8"
• Front Sight: Pinned Black Serrated Ramp
• Rear Sight: Fixed Notch
• Firing System: N/A
• Grip: Uncle Mike's Combat
• Trigger: .312" Smooth Target
• Hammer: Internal
• External Safety: N/A
• Frame: J-Small
• Finish: Satin Stainless
• Overall length: 6-9/16"
• Material: Stainless Steel
• Weight Empty: 23 ounces
All things considered, this is the perfect handgun for self-defense purposes as shooting magnum loads with this it is quite easy and the accuracy is quite remarkable for such a small weapon. The gun’s popularity serves as a living proof that this S&W model should be a top choice for self-defense.

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