Best Email Archiving Solution For Legal Compliance And eDiscovery Requests

By: Audrian Cambell

The use of electronic mail is rampant in the corporate sector, be it for internal communication or for communicating with clients, business partners, suppliers, customers, and others. Your organization's mail contains significant and confidential data. With the volume of mails increasing, it's imperative to opt for the best email archiving solution. This is important for preparing your company for legal compliance and eDiscovery requests.

Electronically stored documents like word files, PDFs, and presentation slides exist between a business and its clients. It is imperative that a copy of crucial information is stored and retained in a safe and secure manner. This is necessary to respond to litigation and eDiscovery requests.

Necessity of Archiving for Electronic Discovery

Regulations such as HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and FRCP consider emails as significant as paper documentation. This is the reason electronic messages are valid and admissible in a court of law. Word documents, slides, PDFs, and simple text messages need to be produced in a court if the attorney requests a company to do so. This is known as eDiscovery request and is the method of searching, locating, obtaining corporate documents and presenting before the attorney, as and when required. This is the reason corporations are required to opt for cloud based email archiving system that is easy to use and install. Failing to adhere to rules and regulations will result in hefty legal fines, as well as imprisonment.

To stay away from litigation and legal hassles, it is mandatory that you implement an effective compliance policy in your organization. This is easier said than done. The best way is to draw up a policy based on your company's needs, and then implement a solution to support the policy.

For Compliance

A system that has an in-built auditing ability will assure you that the messages entering and leaving the company's mailbox are not tampered with. These in-built capabilities include recording, logging, and preserving info for future use. It is also beneficial for monitoring the activities of users. Such monitoring is essential for enterprises and industries where stringent regulations are in place to keep watch on user activity. In the United States, especially, companies are sued for by individuals or other firms. In such scenarios, it is mandatory to have the best email archiving solution so that business data, facts, and records can be quickly retrieved on demand. This is important to prove your innocence in a court of law.

This is the reason you must opt for devices or applications that serve your corporation's needs. An archival system, which is difficult to use, will be more of a headache than a solution. These systems should be auditable for the purpose of compliance. For example, counts and log files must be maintained as evidence of all activities pertaining to compliance. Logs should be able to prove that all electronic messages are captured, easily searched, located, and viewed in original format.

So, you see that archival systems are part and parcel of every organization, be it banks, financial institutions, or law firms. The implementation of it will save your enterprise money, time, and resources when pressurized by eDiscovery requests.

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Audrian Cambell has been a company head and he knows how cloud based email archiving works to help you maintain your emails storage and makes your job fast and easier. In this article, he shares his knowledge about how best email archiving solution helps in the efficient management of data.

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