Best Android 4K TV Set top Box - What Features to Consider for It?

By: Eugene Olechnovic

There are a wide variety of streaming services including iTunes, Netflix and Amazon Instant video to deliver 4K video over the internet. Most of today’s films, games, sports and TV programmes are shot on 4K resolution and not likely to look better on your TV without using a streaming box. That is why you can see a rise in the demand of 4K TV set top boxes, streaming devices and dongles that are built with smart features to connect you to a world of 4K content and entertainment at your home. Their innovative technology makes everything look their best on the TV screen, including content from YouTube, HBO, Hulu, Sling, Fandango, Vudu, ESPN and more. Some of the Best Android 4K TV set top boxes are now available in the market to help you widen your entertainment zone by getting live stream for unlimited hours with exclusive access to popular shows, social updates and blockbusters.

Getting through the various options for UHD set-top boxes and picking up the best Android 4k TV box for your use is not that easy. All of these advanced gadgets differ in features and functionalities, so you have to consider a few things in order to weigh the products available in the market and pick up the best set top box for 4k streaming.

Exclusive features

All 4k streaming devices are built to get UHD video from the internet to your TV screen, through an HDMI cable connection. Besides this common feature, there is a great deal of difference in their shape and functionality: some 4K streamers are plug-in sticks while others are compact boxes that are placed below the TV set; some are dongles requiring your IOS device or Android phone to work, others can work without any such device.

You need to consider what else your 4k TV box should do in addition to video streaming. Some of them have features with which users can access gaming, photos and even music along with videos stored in the cloud. If you find these additional features useful then it makes sense to choose the latest Android 4K TV set top box which can handle them. It will help you avoid using another external device or face running out of storage again. A number of streaming devices allow you to view both live and locally stored files, which is a great feature that many of you will like. It grants you access to whatever you want and whenever you like it.

Some of the best Android 4K TV box now include 4K video streaming feature as well. Since there is 4K content available everywhere on the web at this moment, if you look to enhance your entertainment experience with 4k output, “then you should purchase the best Android set top box. Of course, you will require a faster internet connection to support the higher speeds required by high resolution videos.

As it is known, some set top boxes work across different platforms, but even though you purchase an Android 4K TV box, it won’t be possible for you to install or remove any of the desired applications as easily as you can do it on a tablet or smartphone. In fact, the application stores on these streaming devices may be very limited in certain cases, so be sure your favourite applications are accessible to you for more frequent use before looking to choose the best Android 4K TV box.

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