Benefits of using roots excelurator and hygrozyme

By: Julia Bennet

Enzymes and root cleaners are extremely important in hydroponics for stimulating healthier growth. The brown and dead roots can be a big hindrance to proper plant growth, but with roots excelurator it is easier to solve this problem. Similarly, hygrozyme can help in the production of essential enzymes required for healthy growth and development at different phases. The features of these hydroponics essentials are detailed here.

The roots excelurator is one of the most effective root stimulator and the leading highly concentrated nutrient. It is designed for faster growth in the roots and helps in getting rid of brown roots. It is usually packed inside aluminium containers that protect the substance against light. This ensures that it remains fresh and effective at all times. It is an extremely helpful stimulant for every level of grower.

The roots excelurator complies with all the growing systems and plant grow media. It can be used throughout the vegetative cycle until the early part of the flowering cycle. However, the growers who have root problems, they could use it through the entire flowering cycle. It helps in creating a cleaner grow medium so that you could get healthier plants.

Then, you would require the enzyme-based product, hygrozyme that helps in breaking down the dead roots, for stimulating new plant growth. There are many advantages associated with using this product. Because it is free from bacteria, it can last as long as possible if kept in the right environment. This would also mean that there is no chance that it could introduce living bacteria into a hydroponics garden.

It is not for nothing that hygrozyme is considered as one of the biggest achievements in the world of horticulture in the last few years. The enzyme based product has been created using a process involving bio fermentation. It is made with only natural components that create long chains of amino acids and enzymes free from bacteria. When using this product, it is not required for introducing or creating any vulnerability to crops through any foreign germ or bacteria.

The use of hygrozyme has been tested in several conditions. It has been able to defeat bacterial infection in certain cases, where there was no other solution. It has helped treat weak plants with brown and mushy roots. The product has helped in the development of new and fresh roots and saving plants. It is considered as the perfect enzyme-based formula for hydroponics or indoor gardening.

This product could be used in many different ways based on the vegetative phase. During seedling phase, it is used at 6 ml per gallon, but during the growth phase, it could be used at maximum 10 ml a gallon. It is also possible to use hygrozyme as a foliar in combination with distilled water or RO. The frequency of usage is either once per week or depending on the feed schedule. Whether looking for the right enzyme based product or roots excelurator, it would be best to search online. It would help save time and add a lot of convenience.

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There are many benefits of using roots excelurator for hydroponics or indoor gardening. Visit this link to explore more benefits and uses of hygrozyme.

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