Benefits of playing badminton - 30 minutes help your body lean

By: Hayden

Modern badminton was originated in England in 1870, and later prevailed in Western Europe and the Americas. It was a noble sport in the beginning, but with the later increasing popularity, until today it has become a popular favorite sport.
It can be achieved body weight loss
Some people say that badminton is an exercise can exercise people eyes, hand and the whole body, this argument is very apt.
people who long-term exercise badminton will have this feeling: through regular observation of the opponent swing situation and high-speed ball in flight, experienced athletes can be like a martial arts master, can see small movement of the racket flip change clearly in the instant of two hands hitting ball. In fact, people turn out to be "agile" the reason is simple: because the movement of badminton is quickly (according to statistics, an excellent athlete ball speed can reach 350 kilometers per hour.), Which requires the eyes of the other players firmly pursue high-speed flying ball, eye ciliary muscle contraction and relaxation constantly, contributed greatly to the eye tissue blood supply, thus improving the ciliary muscle function, long-term exercise can improve the human visual sensitivity and ability to respond to the eye. For ordinary enthusiasts, especially for the elderly and excessive use of the eyes of the people, if they can keep practicing, visual sensitivity will be significantly improved.
In addition, in the process of movement, the exercisers need to use the power of wrist and arm to grip and swing battledore, also need full activity ankle, knee, hip joints and other parts to make sliding, stand-step and lunge various gait, So for the muscles and joints of the exercise is also very full. In picking and catching ball process, constantly bent over, looked up and other movements, make the waist, and abdominal muscles can be fully exercised. Therefore, the long-term for badminton exercise, in addition to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems functions can be enhanced, the slimming effect is very significant.
Pay attention to equipment selection
It doesn't need too many equipments when playing badminton. The price is not expensive, so many people will be standing at home a pair of racket. However, equipment selection and preservation are also very demanding.
Badminton is divided into two kinds of indoor and outdoor, for ordinary lovers, a $30 ball is enough. But many people do not know that the same price of the ball has also two types of indoor and outdoor.
Our family used mostly for outdoor ball. The ball cork base is made of red rubber, can be beaten with little force. In the regular game, the balls are the hoary head indoor badminton. These bases of balls are the cork inside, outsourcing white sheepskin, suitable for indoor games. There is also a full plastic badminton is also very popular, but it is less flexible, recommends readers want to learn real skills do not use this badminton.
The quality badminton bottom bracket determines the elasticity of the ball. If it is an outdoor ball, then the rubber must be thickness uniformity, binding tight, wood should be soft, and close sheepskin bandage.
16 feathers of badminton determine whether it can fly smoothly. The best feathers should be hard, straight, durable anti-playing goose feathers, its falling speed most standards-compliant. Feathers are 62-70mm in length, and also evenly spaced, the same thickness, cannot have hair down, broke stems, insects and other illnesses, otherwise the ball will not go straight.

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