Benefits of Quitting Television

By: Set Sar

Remember when television sets were huge and had little screens? I had one of those big wooden ones with the dial to change the channel. It was great. Times are changing fast and technology is always improving. HD tv's and 300 plus channel subscriptions are not unfamiliar now. I made the decision to quit television. It was time to give it up.
Mentally, I was doing good when I quit. My girlfriend, however, had a tougher time. She was addicted to MTV's "reality" shows. You know, garbage like "The Real World" and "The Hills". Typical. I always scolded her when she watched those shows online on Hulu. She argued that I spend hours on the internet so that was my addiction. Well, you see, I can choose what to view on youtube and she was basically addicted to tv trash.
With my new found knowledge, I have quit eating at fast food restaurants. I have also quit playing video games and I have switch to Linux. After watching "Supersize Me", I have been eating healthier and I started a new hobby. Working on electric bikes.
I went deeper into politics and how the world works. Though the truth hurts, I am grateful that I had the chance to learn about the many facets of life. I learned that knowledge is very important. We have to take responsibility for our own education.
I read that television can have a hypnotizing effect of people watching it. Sometimes, I turn the tv on even when I don't feel like watching anything. It almost feels like I need it to be on. Like an addiction. I read that "alpha waves" are emitted by the tube and these waves can be visible with the help of a video camera. It shows then as horizontal lines moving up and down.
They say these alpha waves move faster during key events like commercials and such. Maybe they are trying to hypnotize us more to make us consumer zombies. It's definitely interesting to think about. I guess that's why we get sudden cravings for certain foods that we just saw on tv. It could be subliminal or both.
Finally, I noticed that time seems to fly by while watching television. Not just minutes and hours, but months! Spending 8 hours a day watching television while multi-tasking and the hours just fly. Eating, doing homework, anything really. You wonder where all that time went and what happened to it. Even though it's only been about 5 months since I have stopped watching television, it feels so much longer. Years even. The information you absorb doing other things make it seem like you are spending more time than you actually are. It's a good feeling. It's the feeling of productivity. Quitting television has been great. I have so much free time now. I have gotten my body into shape and I am learning thing's I have always wanted to do but never had "time" for.

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Quitting television may seem tough but it's not. You will notice that your productivity will increase dramatically. You will have so much free time. Go out, have fun, make some money. It's up to you now.

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