Benefits of Growing your own Herbs

By: Peter Goligher

Why should any body grow herbs these days? Well there are many reasons which when combined should mean that everybody should be growing their own herbs within little herb gardens outside or inside, in pots or flower beds and with as many or as few as they want.

First off, having an herb garden provides a new dimension to your home. It sets the mood of an intelligent but homely person creating a lot of colour and decoration weather it be outside or inside.

Another reason to grow such herbs is that it can be very therapeutic for many individuals making it a peaceful hobby they do in their spare time. Also with this point, many people also like to set themselves challenges for which they see what they can grow and how much of it.

Growing your own herbs will also transfer your cooking to an entire new level in comparison with your friends and family. By adding them extra flavours and colours, your companions will be asking you for recipes and the 'know how' of your cooking.

One of the main factors for growing herbs which I'm pretty sure would be important to most people would be too save a lot of money as lets face it, buying herbs now can be very expensive and following some recipes, you require quite a bit to fulfil that particular recipe. Also when buying herbs out of supermarkets, they tend not to have a long shelf life meaning you have to use them within a designated time period.

As you grow your own herbs, you have the freedom to make them last as short or as long as you want. If you had too much you could simply give them to friends and family, or if you were more like me, you could be sneaky and sell them.

Finally, if you did have a large harvest of herbs and you didn't know what to do with them, you could store them in the freezer as herbs can maintain flavour whilst frozen. You don't even have to defrost them before us as you could just throw them directly into the pan or salad and there small surface area will cause them to quickly thaw at room temperature.

Another option you have with your herbs would be to dry them out and store them in jars as crushed dried herbs. From here, they would last you for months if not years. I'm sure we all have a few jars in the cupboard that are still half full from some time ago.

There really is no excuse now not to have a kitchen herb garden anymore if you have previously had a desire to grow herbs. Herb garden kits and instructions are all over shops and the Internet now, readily available for anyone who wishes to try them. If you want you can grow them from seeds or simply carry them on growing from flower by buying the plants from a wholesaler or even your local supermarket.

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