Benefits Of Working Part Time

By: Soniya Bima


1. Flexibility is the key advantage of part-time jobs. Because they work less than a full-time day, they still have time to care for family members, volunteer at worthy causes or work at another job for extra income.

2. Opportunity to Earn Additional Income: Part-time jobs open up avenues to earn additional income. Part-time benefits include supplementing your current income which might not be paying you enough to pay all your bills or afford luxuries.

3. Flexibility: You can decide when and for how much time you will work—this is one of the biggest advantages of working part-time.

4. Reduced Dependency on a Job: Working part-time reduces the dependency on any one job. You might be able to juggle more than one part-time job.

5. Increased Experience in Diverse Fields: A part-time job is a great way to garner experience in diverse fields. If you find yourself stuck in a job that doesn’t offer opportunities to learn new skills, then you can always scout around for a part-time job that will appeal to your interests.

6. Opportunity to Work after Retiring: Retired people, who abhor the mere idea of spending their sunset years idling around, can do part-time jobs and can still earn their living.

7. When you work part-time, benefits go much beyond earning extra money. A part-time job allows you more control over your time, lets you work at something that matches your interest, and also keeps you involved.


8. More productivity in other areas of life.

9. The benefit of working a part-time job which you perhaps also don’t enjoy is that you can spend the rest of your time focusing on the career you want and take steps to get there without worrying so much about money.
10. When you’re unemployed, a part-time job can be your chance to get back into working life, make you feel valued, provide an income and give you more opportunity to meet people who have experienced similar issues.


11. Part-time work offers an opportunity to add new skills and new interests to an insubstantial CV, making you a more attractive and employable candidate.

12. Going part-time also takes the heat off the tireless job hunt, and gives you some time and space to gain some perspective.

13. Doing Part-time work provides you with an income to sustain you while you figure out how to be successful in a struggling economy.

14. Families with young children can gain a greater work life balance from the increased flexibility of working hours (like shifts or job shares), meaning more time to spend with the family and less need to spend on expensive child care.

15. Going for a part-time job means that you'll work less than 40 hours a week, and maybe even just five or 10 hours. Part-time jobs offer a flexibility that will help you keep up your coursework and earn some cash in your spare time.

16. Working part time in your flexible hours will not interfere in your daily fixed office hours and can easily double your income.

17. Equal employment rights:
Today, part-time workers have the same legal rights as full-time workers. This means that no employer can discriminate against someone who works only a few hours a week by giving them fewer perks, less training, or making them first in the firing line if redundancies need to be made. Just like full-timers, part-time workers are entitled to benefits such as holiday pay, sick pay and other extras that come with the job.


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