Benefits Of Ultrasound Liposuction And Their Advantages Over Invasive Surgery

By: Sahil Bhoir

People with higher obesity rates are increasing all over the world. As a mean to shed off excess fat more people are opting for surgery because the deposition of surplus fat has numerous knock on health issues. Recent studies have revealed that more people are combating against this problem and doctors are performing different types of surgery to remove fat. Invasive surgeries are painful and leave scares on the body. A recent development in medical field has resulted in non invasive laser liposuction method that produces visible and immediate results. It does not cause pain and no scars are left behind after the treatment. Liposuction Equipment produces remarkable results and many reports are published on the effects of the equipment.

An older method of liposuction involves insertion of sharp tools under the skin and suction of fat. The final results of this liposuction method is not much noteworthy as it does not sucks out more fat and also leaves flowing skin, lots of staining, unbearable pain and needs more rest. It is much expensive and done only by expert medical professionals which mean that it is not done in beauty salons as a cosmetic treatment. Ultrasound liposuction is entirely different from the traditional methods of invasive liposuction and is a novel method to leave away the excess fat. It is non invasive and makes use of laser for reducing fat with developed technology.

The non-surgical Liposuction procedures have a lot of advantages over the invasive surgery. Its action is mild on the skin and do not cause any pain and since there is no insertion it does not have the risk of infection. It does not require expert professionals to handle the equipment; any person can handle it without prior training. Treatment time is very less and person undergoing the treatment can return to their regular activities immediately after the procedure is completed. Non invasive treatment is most inexpensive as the equipments are not much cost. A tremendous and significant result is produced instantly and also paves the path for new marketplace, as this is done as a cosmetic procedure by the beauty salon owners.

Mechanism behind the laser surgery is simple as it emits light at a specific frequency which can loosen the cohesion of fat cells and it exit body through lymphatic system. It does not need treatment for a long time, mostly 8 courses of laser treatment is capable to produce viable results. Since the equipment is simple to handle, therapist attach some kind of special pads in the area to be treated and leaves the equipment to perform its job. Person undergoing the treatment do not feel any uneasiness and the most significant thing is they can return to their usual life soon after the treatment is completed. Another most notable thing with the non invasive procedure is it does not lead to the death of a person, which is seen in case of traditional surgery. This safer method gives confidence to the person undertaking treatment and they cooperate full fledge.

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Ultrasound liposuction is entirely different from the traditional methods of invasive liposuction and is a novel method to leave away the excess fat.

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