Benefits Of Spearfishing Floats And Spear Gun Rubbers

By: Lincoln Davis

Spearfishing is considered a sport by most enthusiasts these days. With the appearance of many spearfishing product shops and retailers online, people who love this sport can easily purchase their gear and parts without the need to search offline. Probably two of the most popular items among spear fishers are spearfishing floats and speargun rubber. You can get your very own gear and spear fishing equipment and tools by searching online. There's no need to look for such items offline as there are online sellers you can check out in a few minutes.

A speargun rubber is usually required when you use a rail gun or rubber-powered spear guns. The gun is loaded by pulling the rubber/s back and hooking the bridle/s onto small notches on the spear. A small catch holds the spear in place and it is dropped when the trigger is pulled. The spear is pushed out by the rubber at a high speed, while the rail makes sure it takes off straight. A line is attached at the end of the spear from the spear gun, so it won't be lost once it dips into the water and onto the target.

Spearfishing floats, on the other hand, are used to keep or hang the fish after it's been shot and to ensure you won't lose your spear gun. Spearfishing is said to draw sharks because of the fish and it is important that you hang your catch onto the floats to keep them at a distance away from drivers. Shooting fish with a spear gun allows the line to tread through the fish's body, so it is important that you also stay in a safe area once the fish are hanged.

Another important use and feature of a spearfishing float is to allow you to shoot bigger fish. Keep in mind that even a 10-15 kilo fish (shot and still alive underwater) can pull a diver weighing around 90 kilos. Spear Fishing Products has a wide selection of spearfishing floats and other gear products that are perfect for your next fishing adventures.

Most spear fishers let their spear guns go after shooting a huge fish. You need to do this especially when the float is attached to the spear gun. (You can visit Spear Fishing Products for speargun rubber and other tools.) You just have to let the float line thread through your hands and fingers while the fish is still alive and swimming away. Let your gun and float tow away. Divers can just follow or hold onto the float line while in a boat. Once the fish slows down, you can pull the float line together with the batch of fish attached. Another option is use a reel that's similar to a fishing reel. You can attach this reel to your spear gun. Once the fish is shot, you can let it swim away or 'run' and then just wind back the reel line when the fish slows down.

It is a must to always have a complete spearfishing gear when you set out in the water. It is always important to look out for sharks especially when collecting your catch of the day. You can rely on spearfishing floats to let your catch hang for a while and to protect your diver friends' and yourself from possible injuries.

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