Benefit of Small Indoor Greenhouse

By: Sarah Taylor

Generally we can find a green house at a plant nursery or perhaps at the zoo, where a large glass building, big enough to walk into, hot and filled with plants. But if you think that's the limit to the size and design of greenhouses, you're wrong. There are greenhouses that include multiple acres of land, as well as small indoor greenhouses that can be operated in your basement or even on your desk at work. It will be funny and useful as well to use a small indoor garden.

Vegetation throughout the year:

One of the big benefits to small indoor greenhouses is that you can enjoy your gardening hobby all year, even if it's cold outside. The design of small indoor greenhouses usually help to capture light, or have some sort of light source to help plants grow, and by covering the area with glass or plastic, you help to capture humidity and warmth, adding to the natural warmth that the inside of your home will provide. This allows you to grow some plants, such as herbs and some vegetables, throughout the year.

Another result of this benefit is that for those who also do plenty of outdoor gardening, these can be useful tools. Small indoor greenhouses can protect transplants of your more delicate perennials when winter comes, and can be where you start seedlings in the spring, in preparation for early flowers and vegetables. By using small indoor greenhouses to help make up for some of the weeks of cold weather each year, you get a jump on having beautiful outdoor plants.

A beautiful exhibition:

Small indoor greenhouses are effective though they are small in size. While many will be the size of a small walk-in closet, there are designs for small indoor greenhouses that will take up about as much space as a reasonably sized aquarium, or even something small enough to house a single potted plant. One enterprising gardener even built a simple one using a child's construction set and plastic wrap. What this means for you is that you can have a small, personalized greenhouse that can showcase small plants.

Useful In School:

Another benefit to small indoor greenhouses is that it can be used as an educational tool. Children can learn about plants through hands-on learning, helping to cultivate plants and examining the life cycle. For some, learning by doing far exceeds the retention that book learning provides, and small indoor greenhouses can introduce kids to the wonderful world of gardening. So from a child's education to winter cultivation, small indoor greenhouses provide sufficient opportunities for growing things all year long.

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