Believe it or Not " The Law of Attraction

By: Ina Hikmatullah

Mandatory in many businesses around the world is employee study of the Law of Attraction. Far from being dismissed as hippie garbage, it has been embraced as the foundation of productive, happy individuals, which are the foundation of a successful business. As more and more seminars involving the Law of Attraction continue to sell out, we find that we are getting more and more interested in what it can do for us.
First, lets start with a refresher on what the Law of Attraction is. Teachers and students of this method claim that by knowing what you want, and by asking the Universe for it, you will eventually get it. Of course, the other requirement is making tangible effort toward achieving this goal, but I would say that the only way to prove that you want something and that you believe that it is possible is to work towards it.
Im sorry; I just cant completely believe that just for asking the Universe for something and behaving like it is on the way is going to make anything happen, unless of course its by coincidence. However, with that being said, I think that the Law of Attraction still works. Huh?...I mean to say of course, that the Law of Attraction will make you successful not because the laws of physics say it will, but because by following its teachings, you are basically doing what the worlds most successful folks have been doing for years: setting a clear goal for what they want, and being confident that they can get it.
For example, the first step is to ask the Universe what you want. Its recommended that you are very clear about it. A lot of times, you are also required to write it down in order to increase the chance of it working. Of course, this can just be interpreted as setting tangible goals, which, whether or not you believe in the Law of Attraction, is going to be an essential step in having success in any sort of enterprise. Time and time again, we see that people who first take the time to define what it is that they want from their efforts will be more consistently rewarded.
The next part of the Law of Attraction is taking tangible action. Sometimes, this is the hardest step. Actually taking action is definitely a big problem for those of us who like to think of possibilities, but lose interest after that. This is another important aspect of how we can apply the Law of Attraction even if we dont believe it in the spiritual sense. It gets us over the biggest hurdle and sets us down the right path.
Its simple. If you think that something is actually possible, arent you going to be more likely to work towards that goal? People who think negatively either never raise themselves out of their puddle of self-pity long enough to make a goal and stick with it, or they dont stick with it long enough, almost as if to prove that nothing will ever work for them, ever.
The prophecies that we make for ourselves are self-fulfilling not because of the mysteries of the universe, but because we, ultimately, are the ones that make our own destinies. I can want something to work out for me, but if I dont believe that it will, how can it?
So basically, you can believe that the Law of Attraction is the forces of nature working for you, or you can believe that it is you making everything happen. Either way, you will get results.

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