Beliefs And Professionalism: Setting The Royal Marines Apart

By: Nick Dylann Andrews

A key part of the UKs Joint Rapid Reaction Force, The Royal Marines can trace their history back nearly four hundred years. One of the most respected of armed forces across the globe, the comprehensive and lengthy training period is synonymous with the expertise and professionalism the Corp demonstrates in action at land or sea.
Highly trained though they may be, it is through the development of human skills their talents really lie, and sets them heads and shoulders above like groups in other countries.
A specialist group of commandos and amphibious force, they are often posted to harsh environments; in jungles, the arctic, and the desert. Because of this, it is paramount that personal characteristics are leant on from recruitment. In the ongoing development, these traits are nurtured and maintained.
The Royal Marines themselves define this belief system simply and succinctly; "It is what a group does and how it does it." They rely not only on their expertise in battle, but also with regards to the sensitive way they approach delicate situation; always with an understanding of those being engaged or protected.
Making up the beliefs to show their commitment are four beliefs; referred to as a "Commando Spirit", these are more rules for life than for battle; courage, determination, unselfishness and cheerfulness in the face of adversity. Applied to each and every recruit entering the training centre individually, these beliefs are also encouraged for the group as a whole.
This group ethos is typified by a commitment to unity and adaptability. Only once these two basic skills have been learned and thoroughly understood can an effective fighting unit be created. You need to know that no matter what the crisis; somebody will always have your back. Knowing that you have someone to support you also encourages a healthy sense of humility; no man can fight a war on his own.
It is also a requisite that professional standards must be maintained at all times. There is a clear and recognized structure of authority in the unit. However, whilst this is true and needs unquestioning adherence; much is made of the necessity to remain together and stand as one.
Holding up all this work is a thorough fortitude that is instilled right from the get go of training. Royal Marines operate in the harshest of environments and temperatures, showing fortitude not only allows this work to be completed; but allows it to be completed to the very highest of measurable standards.
Only once the recruits have achieved all these vital elements will they be awarded the ultimate accolade The Royal Marines give; The Green Beret. And it is this that the unit remains steadfastedly committed to.

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