Being a Successful Forex Trader

By: Bart Icles

As a forex trader you need to have a good handle on money management skills The forex market doesnt care if you jump in without any preparation because it doesnt care if you win or lose. The market is always moving and there is always something going on. Dont let your mind convince itself the market is your friend and luck is going to pull through for you. You have to understand the asset money is to your trading and you have to protect it.
Too often people get into trading and let a trade run convincing themselves it will turn in their favor or come back. When it does finally turn in their favor they often make one of two rash decisions.
1-The risk of margin call is presented
2-They add money to their account to avoid a margin call all together. (This is a horrible idea)
Trading with emotions is one of the most detrimental things you can do in forex. Learning to put your emotions aside and trade based on the trading plan and strategy you have made will not only save you money from stupid mistakes but it will also earn you more money because you will be able to see opportunities that are opened up to you.
Dont try to beg or pray the market to go the way you want to. When you start trading with that kind of emotion behind each trade you start to make decisions that you wouldnt normally make and you put more on the line than normal because you feel superhuman. Trading with pressure may lead to a few successes but you will have bigger losses.
Losing is part of trading and the key to being a successful forex trader is knowing how to optimize your wins and minimize your losses. The goal isnt to become perfect rather it is to make the most out of ever win. If you are trading with emotion backing your decisions then you will be tempted to trade in large ways that you arent ready to watch carefully with an unbiased eye. Trading by the book is the best way to trade.
The beauty of forex trading is you get to write the book you are going to follow. Making decisions on emotion wont give you the edge you need to be a successful forex trader, rather study strategy and find the set of rules that works best for you.

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A Forex Trader has to be in control of his or her emotions at all times it is important that they make a Forex Strategy and stick with it.

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