Before You Shoot Boudoir Photography You Need To Learn The Basics

By: Terry Detty

Did you ever want to become a digital photographer, yet didn’t know where to start. The start is becoming familiar with cameras, computers, digital imaging, and software programs for editing. Cameras are either your best friends, or your worst enemies. Digital cameras have many functions that perform various actions, yet it takes you to learn what each function conducts, before you can snap quality photos. If you are going in the photography business, you will also need to know what is required to make a productive network.

At one time, digital cameras were too costly to mention, but nowadays you can buy a camera that will make your hair stand up for less the cost. The downside is the less the camera cost, the lower the resolution of images. You probably won’t get features that will enhance your photography experience. Features such as, LCD monitoring is a very nice commodity, since you can view the snaps taken immediately after you shoot the picture. This will give you an ideal, whether you want to use the picture or snap another.

The resolution is essential, since if you want high quality, large pictures you will need a higher resolution. The low-resolution cameras will only produce pictures in small sizes. You might get lucky to snap a picture the size of 3 by 2 inches respectively. To snap a larger photo you will need at least medium resolution.

You will also need to become friends with peripheral hardware’s, which includes software programs affiliation. You will also need sufficient Random Access Memory (RAM) and hard drive space on your computer to store your pictures, print, edit, or view the pictures, etc. The processing speed is also important which should measure at least 32 Megabytes (MB) or Random Access Memory. If you can get a higher processor all the better for your photos and tasking duties: You will also need a load of room on your hard drive to perform all digital actions.

Now that you have a camera, computer, software and the like, you will also need a quality colored printer. Now, you can purchase a cheapie if you plan to take a few photos per week, however if you are moving into the photography business, then you will need a quality printer that will cost a few hundred bucks at most. You will need to invest in quality paper for printing as well.

Now we can consider software. You will need image-editing programs that provides transferring tools, storage mediums, editing features, and the like. Most photographers these days uses Adobe or other high quality programs.

If you are going into real photography networking, then you will need memory cards, PC cards, Compact Flashes, Smart Media, Card Readers, Adaptors, Floppy Drive, Zip Discs, or other storage mediums, image-edit software, camera accessories and so forth. Some of the camera accessories include tripods, lenses, lights, case, and the like. Don’t forget the dark room.

Once you have all the equipment necessary to start your digital photography business, you will also need to understand pixels, bit depth, resolution, f-stops, processing, and the like.

Digital cameras are designed to give out quality photos, yet the images are similar to the traditional cams, which comprises functioning off lights, chemicals, image, lens, and the like. The only difference with traditional verses digital is that image arrays replace the films. Still, other differences linger, yet we are discussing digital. Two of the well-known cameras today, which generally perform the same functions, are the cams that work on chips, i.e. the Complimentary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) and the Charge-coupled Device (CCD).

Now you can get out your checklist to see what you will need in your journey to digital photography.

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