Becoming A UK Police Officer

By: Nick Dylann Andrews

It's an honor to join and serve with the UK police force, but there are specific prerequisites that you will need to meet before you sign up. There are many reasons to join, including the extra benefits of belonging to the force, but joining isn't for everyone. The simple requirements are easy to meet, but you should check in with the individual forces to ensure that they do not have stricter requirements.
Age requirements are simple and straightforward. You must be at least eighteen years old and the age limit for the upper ages is currently non-existent. The commitment to the force is pretty significant and many people recommend waiting a year or two after your eighteenth birthday before joining. This just gives you a little more time to mature and be sure.
You can join the force at any age, provided that you meet the requirements to do so. At age 60 you will pretty much be expected to retire, so joining too late might seriously limit your options. Calculate the necessary time to complete a 2 year term of probation on top of the retirement age.
Your financial records will be checked. You can not qualify if you have any outstanding judgments or you have a current bankruptcy. The cleaner your financial history is the less likely you will be to be tempted to accept bribes or other vehicles of corruption. Joining the police force requires a reasonably clean financial history.
A previous criminal record may or may not get in your way. Each force has their own exact policies, but some minor infractions can be overlooked. Violent crimes, police orders offense, or a formal caution that was received within a range of 3 to 5 years. Minor infractions have to be nonviolent in order to be considered for the UK police force.
This is determined by the individual office, and thus it is recommended that you check with them to find out their criminal history restrictions. If you have any kind of record that reflects violence, you can be sure that you will be denied your application.
You can be rejected for visible or tattoos that cause offense as easily as you can be rejected for high blood pressure. By presenting yourself in a tight, professional manner is important, and tattoos can mean disrespectful nuances, even if you didn't intend it to be.

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