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Michelangelo was once asked how he could sculpt such a magnificent work of art as his famous Statue of David, he replied that you start with a block of marble then chip away everything that doesn't look like David. That's very similar to how great people sculpt their lives.

If you think about what Michelangelo said he is really explaining that he had a very clear picture in his mind of what he wanted his finished work to look like. In fact his picture was so clear that he could project it on a block of stone and know exactly which part of the stone needed to be removed and which part needed to remain.

When you are a sculptor of your future then you also have to hold in your mind a very clear picture of what you want that future to look like. The clearer and more detailed that picture is the easier it is for you to achieve it.

Notice that Michelangelo was not worried about the process of chipping away the stone. He knew that he had studied and practiced his craft so that the physical process of chipping the stone was an automatic skill for him. He knew that once he had the clear picture in his mind his skills would allow him to bring that into reality.

In order for you to bring your clear picture of your desired future into reality you need to develop the knowledge and skills of future sculpting. Where Michelangelo worked on stone using hammers and chisels you will be working on the field of all possibility using the universal principles for success.

These universal principles are like Michelangelo's sculpting tools; if you know how to use them you can create your vision but if you don't know how to use them then you are more likely to create a mess.

The minimum tool kit you need in order to sculpt the future of your dreams is the eight key success principles. Once you understand these principles and know how to apply them then, just like Michelangelo you can bring your imagined finished product into reality.

But what if you don't bother to develop an image of your desired future? What if you don't bother to master the eight key principles for success? What if you just leave your future up to nature like most people are doing?

If the sculptor left the stone out for nature to carve then the wind and rain will carve it into some random shape. Occasionally by chance that random shape becomes a beautiful figure but it is highly unlikely that the random forces of nature would ever produce the statue of David.

Nature's job is to wear that stone away bit by bit until it has finally reduced it to dust!

If you leave your future to nature then it is highly unlikely that you will experience anything like the magnificent future that you could experience if you sculpted it yourself. It is more likely that nature will chip away at you bit by bit eventually wearing you down to dust.

It's up to you to form your desired outcome clearly in your mind and then use the key principles of success to bring that desired future into reality.

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