Be a Confident and Effective Speaker

By: Michael Folgers

Confidence is one of the key and most important characteristic an effective public speaker should possess. With the help of self-confidence, a speaker manages to deliver his speech with conviction and finality. Every successful public speaker should be capable of doing so to be able to consider a very effective one.

There are a few more tips that a speaker should follow to be able to exude confidence and conviction during his speeches.

Maintain eye contact with your listeners.
One of the main aims of a speaker should include the capability to motivate their listeners. Motivational speakers need to build a connection with their audience. Constant eye-contact is one of the techniques/tools they can use to create a rapport to his listeners. Hand gestures are not enough to create an impression. You need to constantly look at your audience, get their attention and make them look back at you. You can also use this tool to measure and to know if people are really paying attention to your speech. Having eye-contact with your audience also shows sincerity and honesty. Two qualities great speeches possess.

Speak and deliver your speech clearly
You cannot fully convey the message and the purpose f your speech of you could not manage to deliver them in an audible and understandable way. This is where practice matters. Proper diction, correct grammar and the right pronunciation of words is very important in public speaking. You need to be understood before your audience could completely understand the idea and the message your speech has. Conference speakers usually undergo a lot of basic and advance training in speech to be able to deliver their pieces effectively.

Organize your thoughts systematically
To maintain and keep the attention of your listeners to you and our speech, you need to organize your thoughts in a way where they can follow a systematic sequence. Always have an introduction followed by a well-arranged thought in the body of your speech. Include a few arguments and high points in your speech before reaching a conclusion. This kind of flow of thought will make your audience appreciate the flow and the direction of your speech. You are practically leading your audience to the conclusion you would like them to agree with. Sam Kekovich is one of the celebrated speakers who manage to do this technique to his crowd.

Be enthusiastic and connect with your crowd.
Your speeches need not be monotonous and boring. You will most likely lose the interest of your listeners if you fail to really connect with your crowd. Public speaking is not like a lecture where you need to arrive or agree with a common thought on an idea. Speeches trigger the audience to understand an issue, discover how to address this issue and actually do something about the issue. Audience has different ways on how they could understand and appreciate the discoveries they get in speeches. They will also most likely have different ways on how they would resolve or make a move about the issue you have talked about. Check out a few of Peter Fitzsimons public addresses to get points and ideas on how to really connect with your listeners.

Believe in what you say
As a speaker, you need to believe in what you say. If a speaker himself does not believe in the thought he would like to convey to his listeners, how could he possibly convince and make his listeners believe in what he says? To completely believe in what you are about to tell your audience, as a speaker, you need to do your research. Make sure that your ideas are based on facts and current events. Avoid talking about the past too much thinking that it would make an impact in your speech. Relevance is what your speeches need to have. The more relevant and updated they are, the more your audience can respond and react to your speech. Larry Emdur is a notable speaker you could look up to when it comes to well researched and timely public speeches.

Practice, practice and more practice. The confidence and the techniques that will help you become a notable and celebrated speaker can only be achieved with constant practice and with first had experiences.

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