Be Careful Who You Listen To

By: Peter Collins

Are you ready for some important advice that we all need to hear? On no account should you let others steal your dream, no matter how hard they try. Do not allow them. Their damaging opinion based advice can invade the mind of even the most guarded and may become infectious unless you safeguard yourself against it.
You will come across dream thieves of every kind as you work at to get the results you want, meet your deadlines and accomplish your goals. You may even contact those closest to you, like your family members and friends, only to find out they are not as excited about your dreams as you are.
Here is some advice that we all need to hear. Never let others steal your dream, no matter how hard they try. Do not let them. Their negative opinion based advice can penetrate the mind of even the most guarded and may become contagious unless you protect yourself against it.
Just think back to how many people you know that have given up something they were good at just because an insensitive, or perhaps jealous, family member had given them bad advice, or disapproving input. On the other hand, most of would not believe how often people avoid entering into a commercial concept that may just be the ideal vehicle for fulfilling their dreams just because of someone else determined to pass on some advice in the most negative way.
It hurts when those you trust dismiss or are impartial in your plans and accomplishments and it should not be that way. It is even harder when they give advice under the disguise of love. I am only telling you this because I care for you and I don't want to see you fail.
Life need not be that way. The really successful will quickly tell you, it is not how many times you have failed at something that counts - it is how many times you have got up again and tried that brings success. Only losers give up. Winners feel the fear and go on to conquer it. They achieve their dreams over and over, no matter how often others try and steal them.
Copyright Peter Collins, Sydney, Australia, 2009

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When others steal your dreams there is only one loser - you Never Let Others Steal Your Dreams

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