Battling the nuisance called headache using alternative treatments


Relief from the menace of Headache

There are hardly any people who have not suffered from the menace of headache. People who suffer from this menace try every available means to get rid of it. There are many people who have to take leave from work due to this ailment. While one can find several treatments for headaches there is no specific cure. It can happen to people from all age groups and regions.

As a matter of fact, headaches are triggered by some common factors like the fluctuation of hormone in the body, stress, sinus, food allergy, strain on eye and high blood pressure. The headaches caused by hormone fluctuations are mostly seen in women, more so during their periods. However, the migraine headaches have no known causes behind their occurrences. The IT professionals spend long hours in front of the computer monitors and this also leads to headache. Similarly those who read a lot can also face headaches from time to time.

In the majority of cases, people cannot determine the real reason for headaches. There are some medical professionals who relate migraine headaches with allergies but there is some controversy regarding this theory. Some natural treatments exist that are sought by people for headache relief. It would be advisable for a person suffering from headaches to seek the natural remedies since these are devoid of harmful effects. One worthy option is Lavender. A person suffering from headache can buy Lavender extract as an essential oil. When rubbed on the head of the affected people, it brings relief.

Other substitute therapies for headache cures are massage and acupuncture. However, the acupuncture should be done by a veteran acupuncturist. The satisfied people swear by their effectiveness. As an alternative, one can apply ice packs on his head to reduce the severity of headache. Another therapy suggested by some people is the Chiropractic Massage. While considering the alternative remedies for headache, a person needs to keep in mind that these therapies do not work equally on everybody.

Most of the headaches get reduced after some time of its attack but if it lingers for a long period the doctors might think of analysis and medication. The over the counter pills can have adverse effects on oneís body, and that is why the doctors often prescribe the alternative headache relief therapies. Some people who believe in the healing power of natural herbs advise aromatherapy. The various floral massage oils and essential oils often bring relief to people from headache. It has been in vogue from the ancient times.

When none of the aforesaid treatments work, a person can try taking a nap to get relief from headaches. In most of the situations, taking a nap refreshes the body and after waking up, the person feels much relieved. Women are more prone to migraine than men and so they should try avoiding foods they are allergic to.

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