Batak Duel - Iphone And Ipod Touch Game Review

By: Gen Wright

BATAK Duel is set in the distant future, where all of mankind have been enslaved by a race of sadistic aliens called the Kardacks. The introduction sequence and the accompanying music really do a good job of setting the scene and creating a sinister atmosphere.

The main menu screen presents 4 options...Tournament, Practice Mode, Settings and Credits.

The 'Settings' option allows you to turn music and sound on/off respectively but I preferred to leave them on since they add so much to the game.

The 'Credits' section is well presented and gives you the website address of the official BATAK Duel website where you will find game tips, faqs and a developer's blog which I found very helpful.

I then selected the 'Practice Mode' option and after a '3 second' countdown the game started.

It didn't take long to figure out that I needed to strike out the white targets that appeared in quick succession (as fast as possible) within 60 seconds!

After a minute of manic finger tapping I had achieved a score of 74, which I was pretty pleased with. I had another few practice sessions and got my score up to 90. I figured I was now ready for the main Tournament!

After selecting the 'Tournament' option you are presented with a 'Mortal Kombat' style 'opponent ladder', the character art is extremely impressive.

Before the tournament begins a 'help screen' appears that explains what to do. As you progress up the opponent ladder more of these help screens appear to describe other gameplay features, for example, flashing or multiple targets, laser beams, falling rocks etc.

The first opponent was 'Manchuda' and I managed to beat him first time with a score of 82.

I've only been playing this game for a few days but already I have progressed to level 6 where you get to challenge 'Tork', he is one tough opponent though but I know I will beat him after getting enough practice!

I understand from the iTunes description that on the final level against 'Gorn' a big storm breaks out! This sounds pretty awesome and is definitely something I want to see and so I'm going to keep practicing until I get there.

Regarding the overall presentation, menu and help screens, gameplay, character art, music, sound and other special effects, all are top notch.

The whole game has a very polished look and feel to it which is sorely lacking in so many other iPhone games I've played.

It's also worth mentioning that BATAK Duel is 'OpenFeint enabled' which means that you can unlock achievements in the game and submit your best practice scores on to a global leaderboard.

In particular, I have really enjoyed unlocking the different achievements, this adds greatly to the game and gives you much satisfaction when you defeat a tough opponent.

Overall, BATAK Duel is a great game to have on your iPhone/iPod touch and is one that you will keep going back to for more, it is truly addictive.

I would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to test their reaction times and for people who like fast paced action games.

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BATAK Duel is the debut iPhone and iPod touch game from DN Publications Ltd. For game tips and game development information please visit the official BATAK Duel website at:

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