Basic Overview Of Subliminal Suggestion

By: Trevor Johnson

The use of subliminal suggestion is very popular with advertisers. As more an more people began going to the theatre and became absorbed in different types of media advertisers tried to find a way to reach these potential customers. Using subliminal suggestion was a way that advertising could take place without encroaching on the enjoyment of the person viewing the movie.
Hypnotherapists use suggestion when they are performing hypnosis on an individual. Their goal is to relax a person into a state where they can receive a suggestion at the subconscious level and begin to change their lifestyle or behavior. Subliminal suggestion works much the same way. Advertisers have found that people who go to the theatre and are enjoying a movie are relaxed and open to suggestion.
A movie is made up of a series of frames that run very fast. Each frame is registered by the brain in the subconscious although consciously one sees a film as a seamless and continuous series of action and dialogue. The conscious mind will not register when a frame in a movie is altered. This allows advertisers to insert a subliminal message into a frame in a move that will create the suggestion to the viewer that they want popcorn, soda, candy, cars, or any other product that the advertiser may be selling.
At the height of advertiser messaging in this manner the FCC adopted strict guidelines in 1974 relating to subliminal messages and their placement in broadcasts on television and radio. For some movies which go from the movies screen to the television one of the reasons they are so cut up is not just to make them the appropriate length for television, but also to remove the subliminal messages which were embedded in them and viewed by people in the movie theatre.
But subliminal suggestion is not just an effective tool for advertisers. It is also an effective tool for individuals who wish to change a behavior or lifestyle of a family member. When all other efforts have proven futile it is often through the use of subliminal suggestion, which is free and easy to do that parents will find the most effective results.
One way is to go into a child's room when they have gone to sleep and gently whisper in their ear, "When you see a red can you will want to....(study, be happy, etc.)" This statement is not repeated, just said once very quietly. The key to success of subliminal messages is that they are short and the conscious mind is not aware of the suggestion. One will often find that after a few days they will notice a change without any effort on the part of the person making the suggestion.

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