Basic Criteria For Selecting A Translation Service Provider

By: Rakhi Kaptiyal

Translating information from one language to another is not an easy task at all. Some can even consider it to be an art form of sorts, as you require a certain amount of skill and talent to be able to translate accurately. Just because a person can speak more than one language, does not make him a quality translator.

The first thing that separates novices from the pros is that the pros have some kind of academic background in linguistics. This gives them a better understanding of the language and helps them to provide more accurate translations. Also, in case the translation is related to a specific field, such as finance, law, science, engineering or accounting, then the translator should also have relevant knowledge about the respective field, as it will come in handy when the translation is being done.

If you are looking for a translation service provider, then the main consideration should be that the translator should be able to translate into his native language. This is because the grasp that a person has over a language is strongest in the case of his mother tongue, instead of any other language that he has learnt. Some people, who grew up in a multi-lingual society, are proficient in more than one language. This makes them better suited for such works.

Secondly, the reason why a translator should also have knowledge about the industry, for which he is translating the content, is that many terms and definitions can require translation in the course of the project. If the translator has relevant knowledge about the field, then he can easily use his skill and translate the terms. However, if the person is not well-versed in the field, then mistaken translations can occur which can lead to a bad experience for the client.

The main aim of the translation service provider should be the conversion of information from one language to another. This is the trickiest part of translation and this is where you can identify the real players of the translation industry. Improper translations can often lead to unnatural sounding pieces of text and hilarious mistakes too. This is not something that one will want to happen in their business. Therefore, these criteria should be foremost in your mind while looking for translators. To succeed in today’s world, it is necessary for us to break all language barriers and connect with different cultures and people. A translation service is what helps you do just that.

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