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By: Stephen Weesner

There are currently countless thousands of plastic compactors being used in the UK and all over the world. The compactors are used for all types of businesses and organisations, such as restaurants, shops, hotels, recycling companies and so on. The waste baling consumer list is endless.

The majority of these waste balers need baler tape to fasten the bales, once they are baled. Some of the larger waste balers need steel wire to tie the compacted waste material. It all depends on the volume of the bale and the pressing force of the waste baler.

The commonest waste baler equipment dimension is one which produces smaller bales, habitually weighing 20kg to 70kg. These smaller waste balers commonly use rolls of white polyester compactor tape. This is a tough compactor twine with an integral polyester intertwine, which is strong, sturdy and reliable, providing tensile strength ideal for baling cardboard, plastic, paper and other comparable waste materials.

This type of woven polyester tape is best for use because it has no razor-sharp edges or ends, to hurt people or the cargo you are transporting. This recommended woven webbing system is furthermore ideal because it can't tear down its length like some hot melt systems do. Due to a natural element of elasticity in polyester, when correctly applied this form of baler tape maintains tension, keeping your bales in shape during storage and transit. This type of baler tape is also only 16% of the weight of more costly steel banding tape of similar specification. This tape can easily be disposed of with your normal waste.

When cardboard compactor users want to acquire baler strapping, they can usually go for the incorrect size of waste baling tape. You actually need to purchase twine of a minimum tensile strength to guarantee you will have good trustworthy tie system.

For the smaller balers, which produce bales up to 150kg, I would suggest the polyester intertwine Baler Twine from Strong Recycling Balers. This waste baling twine is 9mm wide and rolls are usually 250Metres long. They usually are sent in packages of 8 rolls and are very competitively priced, including VAT and transport.

Many providers of cardboard baling machinery, will supply this necessary consumable at very exorbitant costs. Strong Recycling Balers appear to be much cheaper by contrast. The best way to weigh against baler strapping prices is to compare the real whole cost of delivery and taxes per metre. I.E. in a box of 8 rolls from Strong Recycling, you will get 2,000 metres of baling twine for in the region of £105. Another provider may provide 2,100 metres for £196. It is easy to see where the value lies.

So it pays to actually look around in order to potentially save a lot of money.

Further savings can be achieved, just by training your workforce to make better compacted bales. In my experience of visiting hundreds of sites and teaching people to use compactors, I have noticed that very often the waste baler is not operated to its full potential. If your bales are coming out floppy and loose, then you actually need to evaluate the method for tying your bales. They should come out solid and very tight. This makes storage space and transport easier. It also means greater compaction, less transport and in turn, you will use much less waste baler tape.

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