Balance - What Does It Really Mean

By: Damian Papworth

Its a strange thing you know. All my life, I have striven to set myself up for a "sea-change". I love to surf and I've always admired those who can commit their life to surfing. Living on the beach and paddling out for waves is more important to them than anything else in their lives. So, trying to emulate them, I worked and made decisions and wheeled and dealed and I've finally made it.
Now I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland. One of Australia's best beach towns. I can hear the ocean from my window as I type this article. And as I type, I ask myself "why are you typing?". You see it is Thursday already and I have not been for a surf this week. Why did I come all this distance for, only to sit at home typing?
There is an answer and I know what it is. Unfortunately, I ma not the type of person who can dedicate himself to the pursuit of one past-time. To me happiness is about variety. 15 hours in the surf would make me just as unhappy as 15 hours at the office would.
Humanity is about development. We all try to improve ourselves as individuals and also as a community. Intellectual development is part of that. Our intellect is as important a part of us as any other part of us and needs to be exercised as well. This is why I type, I am ensuring I do not get bored of mind because that has the power to permeate into the rest of our lives.
Tomorrow is always different to today, the waves will be bigger tomorrow anyway, it will be a much better day for a surf.
There are other parts of our make up though that should be exercised too. Our emotions for example are a good one. It is through relationships with others that we can develop our emotions. In my case, I found emotional maturity in the selfless giving I was forced to observe once I had my first child. When you are a parent, you have to let go of everything, including ideas. This teaches you a lot about yourself.
Have you every seen someone hungry for emotional growth? I have. It manifests as a search for a boundary which is enforced. The greater the hunger, the further the person pushes. Only when they give up their push in favor of someone else's space do they grow.
We have our spirituality too though, a part of being human which so many people just forget about. When you forget to flex you "spiritual muscle" you develop a sense that there has got to be more meaning in life. This is the hunger for spiritual development. People develop spiritual awareness differently, surfing is a big part of my development here, but so is some degree of meditation.
Human beings, all of us, want to be better tomorrow than we were today. Development must be balanced though. We are multifaceted beings with complex needs, spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual. Without exercising all parts of our being, balance and happiness can be very difficult. In recognizing the hungers which are the result of imbalance and taking action on those signs, we can restore balance and usually lead very long, happy lives.

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Damian Papworth, a recent dad, has developed a recent perspective on life and happiness. Recently he analysed baby high chairs. He found travel high chairs really assisted his family lead a full lifestyle.

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