Bait Fishing: Check Out These Tips to Catch Walleye Using Gizzard Shad Details Here!

By: mark fleagle

All Avid fisherman are always trying to figure out, or think they have a great system figured out that includes ways to go bait fishing when certain different weather and special fishing situation elements develop such as wind direction, cloud cover,water temperature, water PH, the moon phase or other factors. But the bottom line number one element factor you need to learn when you are bait fishing for any game fish species is what are the game fish you are targeting eating at the time you go fishing. If you can get a handle on a certain game fishes eating habits you can up your chances of a successful fishing trip ten fold.!br>
Amazingly game fish will travel distances out of their comfort zone, and sometimes their normal habitat in pursuit of food. Game-fish are opportunists because they will adapt to to their environment if their favorite type of food is not available. If you can learn any species of fish eating patterns you can like I said before, be very successful when you go bait fishing. One of the main reasons game-fish eat different foods at different times of the year is because they can adapt to the food choices that are available at any particular season of the year. it is this reason that one type of bait fishing selection in one fishing location may not work in another location.
For example if you are fishing an area for walleye and you notice there are an abundance of shad schools in open water, chances are there are walleye and other game fish close by feeding on the schools. The wise choice for your bait fishing selection would be small live or dead thread fin or gizzard shad which ever one makes up the schools of shad. If you were fishing artificials then use some type of lure that mimics the size,color and movement of the shad that are located in the schools.
Well folks that concludes our article about bait fishing We sincerely hope you use our fishing information on your next fishing trip Good Luck!

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