Bait Fishing : Unusual Foods That Game Fish Eat That Make Great Live Bait!

By: mark fleagle

To be successful at bait fishing you need to understand the food chain for your favorite gamefish. Game fish eat a variety of different food types such as Larval aquatic insects, small bait fish,tiny mollusks (snails and clams),crustaceans, and large fish such as suckers and white fish. Gamefish normally start feeding when they are triggered by some action in their environment.!br>
Also here's some interesting bait fishing information that all fisherman should be aware of. Some types of food that gamefish eat you would never think some species of gamefish would ever eat. For example trout and walleye will both feed exclusively on aquatic insects during the first few days of a hatch. Normally, walleye fisherman focus on other more common bait fishing baits such as nightcrawlers, chubs and leaches. But if your timing is right and you know a curtain aquatic insert type is heavy into a hatch, mimicking this insect larva type will increase your chances 10 fold for catching your limit of walleye.
Most bait fishing folks probably don't realize that if they fished with small snails and clams that they could catch some some good size catfish, redear sunfish, or shellcraker. For example, mollusks such as snails make up a large part of the diet of redear sunfish, or shellcraker. So if you could learn to fish with snails you could catch some good size redear sunfish, or shellcraker. Or if you could learn to fish with clams for catfish you could catch some size cats, because part of many catfishes diet are clams if they are part of the catfishes local environment.
If you are a bait fishing enthusiast you may not know that crustaceans such as crayfish, shrimp, and scuds are part of every known gamefish. What you probably do not know is that very few bait fishing anglers use crustaceans to fish with. What a shame, If you had inside info to a fishing secret wouldn't you want to exploit it? Well this is not a secret but very few fisherman use crustaceans as bait, but if you are a avid fisherman I bet you will look into it.
Well folks that concludes our article about a bait fishingWe sincerely hope you use our fishing information on your next fishing trip Good Luck!

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