Bachelorette Party Planning-Activities

By: Sarah Carlye

You know she’s head-over-heels in love with the guy, but you also know how wild she was when she was single. You want to give her one more wild night out with the girls. When planning a wild night out with the girls for her bachelorette party, remember when all the fun is over it should be a memorable night of fun and excitement, don’t let it become the night that lead to the wedding being canceled! If you are the one that is planning the bachelorette party, then you probably know the couple well enough to plan fun activities that she won’t need to hide from her fiancé or be concerned her new husband will find out about after the wedding.

When planning the wild bachelorette party, choose the bachelorette party activities that you want to include, and then you can find a bachelorette party location that will accommodate the activities. Event planners are available to help with choosing the bachelorette party location. When in New York City, for complimentary bachelorette party planning assistance, go to Other cities should have similar event planning services and can be found online or in the phone book.

Some activities that bachelorette parties can include:

* Games-there are fun games that can be purchased for bachelorette parties. There are bachelorette party game books. These books have instructions for games that use everyday items from around the house or that are easily purchased. When looking at a game, see if it will be appropriate in a public place or maybe a private room would be best for the bachelorette party.
* Stripper-hiring a stripper can make the bachelorette party fun and wild. Be sure to run it by the bride-to-be first. Not all women enjoy having a stripper and some that would, may choose not to if it will cause problems with the groom-to-be. Once you get the green light on this bachelorette party activity, hire one from a reputable and trusted company. Check with the bachelorette party location to see if a stripper can be accommodated.
* Gambling-various gambling activities can be included in the bachelorette party. Gambling can include anything from card games with fun prizes or going to a local casino for part of the bachelorette party. There are mobile casinos and casino rental services.
* Bar hopping-hire a limo or a designated driver to have a few drinks at several bars. Include all the bars that were frequented by the bachelorette during her wild and crazy single days.
* Adult store shopping-instead of bringing gifts to the bachelorette, bring the bachelorette to the gifts. Take the bachelorette to adult store and let her pick out the gifts she would like to receive. It is more fun with friends than registering alone and having friends choose from her list of selected merchandise.
* Group lessons-take pole dancing lessons or strip tease lessons as a group. It will help the bachelorette keep her marriage exciting with her new skills and the party guests will have some new moves to take home to their partners.

Some bachelorette parties are planned on the same night as the bachelor party and then both groups meet at an agreed upon location at the end of the night. Be sure to have a limo or designated driver if the bachelorette party activities involve alcohol and changes in location.

When looking for help planning a bachelorette party in New York City, contact Paramarx. They have relationships with some of the hottest nightclubs and lounges in New York City.

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