Baby Modeling: Is it a Good Career Choice?

By: Erin Petersville

Baby modeling is often turned to by parents who are told that they have "cute, little darlings." Parents naturally think that if so-and-so thinks that my baby is so darling, that the whole world will think the same. Hopefully, however, said parents will give deep thought to the pitfalls and dangers that can plague such a pursuit. Baby modeling and, later, teenage and adult modeling can be filled with many trials and tribulations that can tax the sanity of even the most stable family.

If that doesn't phase you, if you still feel your cutest baby in the world is just what the baby modeling world is looking for, where do you go from there? Free contest offerings online is the first place to look. Obviously the way to a career in baby modeling is exposure, lots of it, early on, and there is no better source than the online free baby photo contests. Besides, entering your cherished one in these contests have a side benefit of being fun and rewarding for both you and your baby.

Then, the next logical step is to enter your beautiful baby in a traditional pageant, one with runways, tiaras and talent segments. Talk about fun. I've been to pageants like these before. In them, everyone wins some sort of prize, which is good to build up self-esteem, something your baby will need truckloads of in the years ahead.

For long term, widespread exposure, nothing beats entering an online photography contest. Once you have entered such a contest, your baby's pictures remain online for representatives of modeling agencies to come look for upcoming talent. This goes especially for winners of these contests.

If you go the route of entering your baby into contests, whether photo contests or actual pageants, there is no greater opportunity to enter, for the greatest exposure, than the cutest baby contest. The name says it all. What parent doesn't think their child is the shoo-in for winning a contest of this type? But you know that yours is the cutest, so why not prove it to the world, and especially to all these modeling agency executives, by entering these contests and taking the prize?

One often overlooked criteria when considering whether or not to raise a baby model in your household is how your baby reacts to this life. In other words, is your baby generally happy most of the time? And more importantly, is your baby easy to get along with and gets along well with others? If not, don't bother. Shy, irritable, hard-to-get-along-with babies don't get hired.

The other place to look at, and one that most parents don't even bother with, is themselves. The parents. Are they even up to the challenge of being a baby model parent? This in and of itself is a very challenging career, more than full time. But if you are overbearing and hard to work with, the deal is off. There will be no following the yellow brick road for this Dorothy. No modeling agency will ever hire a baby whose parents are not fun to be around and make things difficult for everyone.

Lastly, if you feel that all of the above doesn't pertain to you, great. Then the only other area to consider when helping your child pursue that career in baby modeling is this: watch out for disreputable people who do not have the best interest of you or your baby in mind. Deal only with accredited agencies who handle legitimate opportunities for you.

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