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Marble: Marble is a metamorphic rock made of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. Geologists use the term "marble" to refer to metamorphosed limestone. Marble is commonly used sculpture and as a building material. Marble stones have a vast history as it was considered as the main ingredient of a masterpiece sculpture and beautiful and decorative construction. Marbles are in numbers of variety with different properties and colours.

Marble Stones: Marble stones are decorative natural stone and marble flooring widely accepted than any other flooring solution. Marble already contains all the decorative attention of craft, art and presentation. Marble luxuriates interiors, bathrooms, kitchens. With marble stone, a decorative and good quality is obtained, which reminds the historical legacy of marble arts and design. There are many substitutes for marble stone but they do not match the marble natural reflection, colours and design.

Quartz Stones: Quartz is a mineral, scientifically known as Silicon dioxide (SiO2), It possesses Vitreous luster and colourwise its white or colourless. Quartz has good hardness and its scratch resistance ability makes it desirable for kitchen countertops, bathroom Shelf’s etc. Quartz stone doesn’t require sealing or buffing and they possesses the same durability of Granite. Even though Quartz are known for their hardness but they are brittle and can be repaired.

Marble or Quartz: Marble and Quartz are utilized as substitute to each other. They both share a long history in ornamental and industrial utilization. Marble and quartz are made of different minerals and processes. Both have alternative qualities, Marbles have bright textures and colours. It has glossy nature which provides elegance to interiors and surfaces and Quartz are limited with colours and designs but they are best recommended for their hardness and low maintenance. It’s a little difficult to choose the best option as marble signifies beauty and elegance and Quartz provides high quality and durability.

Tips about installation & maintenance:
• Its necessary make sure that the subfloor is sturdy, if not then the marble or Quartz can get crack.
• Stability of the floor should be checked before installation.
• Make sure that the floor is level and the use floor leveling compound for leveling.
• For better installation, one must check the size of area on which the installation is being made and also the center of area.

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