Ayurvedic Herbal Remedies For Osteoarthritis

By: Alton Patrick

Osteoarthritis: It is also called 'wear and tear' arthritis because it affects people after they reach a certain age due to deterioration of cartilage (a flexible cushion like connective tissue that helps bone joints move against each other) as the person grows old. It is the most common type of arthritis which progressively degrades with time affecting a large amount of people around the world. Though it can damage any joint in the body, it mostly damages that part which is weight-bearing for people having more weight than normal such as hips, knees, lower back. It is a sure sign of old age, just the difference is some people get affected by it quite early; others at later age. Osteoarthritis does not have any cure but certain treatments can slow down its progression by somewhat relieving pain and improving joint function.

Symptoms of osteoarthritis:

1. Tenderness even if applied very light pressure to the affected area.

2. Hearing or feeling a kind of grinding or grating sensation whenever the joints are tried to move slightly.

3. Pain while joints are moved.

4. Stiffness or rigidity especially after waking up in the morning or locomotion (body movement) after a long hours.

5. One may feel that he or she is unable to move the joints at its full potential of limits.

6. Extra bits of bone like hard lumps may get formed at the area of affected joint.

At the person's young age, the cartilage is firm and slippery texture that allows almost frictionless motion but when he or she gets older, this cartilage becomes rough and eventually wears down. At the end when it completely deteriorates, it may be felt like a bone rubbing with bone. As the time passes, some people are not able to work any longer falling completely at bed rest.

Factors that increase the risk of osteoarthritis:

1. Age factor: As the person gets older, he or she has the most chances of getting osteoarthritis.

2. Being overweight or obese: Having a heavy body puts more strain on the joints situated at knees, hips, lower back, and ankles.

3. Bone deformities: Some people are born with defective joints or cartilage that increases their risk of getting osteoarthritis.

4. Certain occupations: There are several jobs which demand loads of carrying or lifting work that ultimately gives repetitive stress on a particular joint.

5. Joint injuries: Injuries that occur while playing sports or met an accident.

6. Sex: Though reason is unclear, women have greater chances of getting affected by osteoarthritis.

7. Some other diseases: People suffering from diabetes, gout, underactive thyroid or Paget's disease (enlarged or extended bones) have much more chances of getting osteoarthritis.

Rumoxil capsules are the best and very effective ayurvedic remedies for osteoarthritis that tend to reduce inflammation and swelling by advancing the lubrication at joints giving it soothing effect. The ingredients present in the Rumoxil capsules nourish every tissue of joint and prevent their any further deterioration. The swelling and stiffness caused by weakened bones is efficiently cured by Rumoxil capsules by regenerating bone tissues and preventing its further erosion making it osteoarthritis ayurvedic herbal remedies.

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